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Belaire 35" Planter

The rugged and durable Belaire large decorative pots add great distinction to all kinds of locations - from city streets to your own backyard. Manufactured to the highest standards available, these durable plastic rotationally manufactured planters are lightweight yet shock resistant, creating tough outdoor garden pots that hold up for years. Designed to mimic far heavy materials such as concrete or stone, the Belaire resin planters and pots are long on style too. Their upper 'lip' showcases artistic detail as if this lightweight planter had been thrown on a potters wheel. They are further accentuated with the double band around the planter's middle before being finished with a smaller accent band at the planter base. These details only add to the allure of Belaire rolled rim planters.

Colors and sizes are plentiful - enough to create quite an array for any outdoor patio or sidewalk cafe. Available in 9 sizes, they begin at a modest 12", topping off at a whopping 44" plant container (larger sizes have wider bottoms.) Colors are earthtone and include:

  • Caviar black
  • Weathered concrete
  • Weathered stone
  • Weathered terra cotta
  • Rust.

Place large decorative pots around the home and garden, poolside, or in outdoor dining spaces to add a touch of greenery to any space.

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Belaire 35in. Planter - Rust
Belaire 35in. Planter - Weathered Concrete
Belaire 35in. Planter - Weathered Stone
Belaire 35in. Planter - Weathered Terra Cotta
Belaire 35in. Planter - Caviar Black

Stunning Belaire Large Decorative Pots

Stunning Belaire large decorative pots add tremendous appeal to all manner of businesses large and small, as well as for the home gardener. Whether you're a beginner or a master, these rolled rim planters add the look of heavier pots without the actual weight. Made from high grade plastics, the Belaire lightweight planter is backed by a 10 year limited warranty, delivering on durability as well as beauty. The rolled top increases a sense of dimension that is effectively followed by a double rim around the midsection of this lightweight planter. The Belaire round flower pots are completed with a subtle extrusion at the bottom, accenting the base.

Durable Resin Planters and Pots

Our collection of durable resin planters and pots contain anti-shock properties for durability. This enables them to withstand weather extremes in all parts of the country without damage. they continue to look good without cracking or warping in harsh frigid temperatures or the blazing summer sun. They are available in nine earthtone color - from an elegant caviar black to weathered stone. As such, they are designed to look like clay without any of the drawbacks of clay such as chipping, crumbling or cracking. The Belaire is a maintenance free planter that provides years of use. Sizes for these outdoor garden pots range from a modest 12 inch rim planter on up to a generous 44 inch rim planter.

Rolled Rim Planters: Designers Dream

Belaire large decorative pots make great additions to a wide variety of home and garden venues. Line patios for a distinctive border, filling with colorful blooms and blossoms. For a maintenance free option, add artificial plants or succulents. The Belaire also makes an exceptionally attractive standalone planter. Set in corners as a focal point, or flank front entryways for an elegant appeal. For commercial applications, choose large size planters for atriums or outdoor seating areas, perfect for shrubs or small trees. Or select several sizes for a tiered effect to create a dramatic decorative cluster. For additional information on Belaire round flower pots, please call 800-896-0978 to speak with a design specialist today.