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The "Metropole" - Large Commercial Planters

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Metropole Round Commercial Fiberglass Planter

Sizes range from 24"to 42" tall and up to 54" in diameter. Custom sizes can be made to order. Price depends upon the quantity. The Metropole style round fiberglass planter is the epitome of visual and physical versatility, making it a super flexible choice for a variety of architectural situations. A visually solid planter, the Metropole distinguishes itself and the space it occupies with strong-shouldered and uniquely angular lines. But it accomplishes that look and feel despite the fact that it has an essentially circular shape and footprint. That makes it a great planter to use, for example, when a circular design suits your needs but the surrounding architecture. You might call the Metropole ruggedly handsome, because it has the muscle to take punishment and keep performing but it has the grace and elegance you need to get the job done from an aesthetic point of view.

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30" Dia. 24"H Metropole Round Planter
36" Dia. x 30"H Metropole Round Planter
42" Dia. x 36"H Metropole Round Planter
54" Dia. x 42"H Metropole Round Planter
The Metropole offers an ingeniously flexible hybrid of design elements in a single planter, so that you can easily and effectively solve those architectural dilemmas that call for contradictory elements of style.

Many of our commercial clients rely on the Metropole for a wide variety of uses, because they have discovered that with this one planter they can get the best of both worlds. The Metropole successfully delivers everything you could ever need in a rounded, circular planter. But at the same time it is skillfully balanced with angular, geometrically cut lines. While some claim that a round peg cannot fit into a square hole, the Metropole begs to differ and has the adaptable characteristics to prove it.

With its physically bold but elegantly curved shape, the Metropole is an excellent choice for defining spaces by adding variety and handsome looks to an otherwise bland expanse. Use the Metropole, for instance, to offset the monotony of a plain interior or exterior wall. Let one or more of these durable but affordable planters make those sprawling outdoor areas seem immediately more intimate and charming, by giving them decisive definition and strategic structure. Or place an arrangement of Metropole planters in an entryway area that needs to command attention and make an impressive or authoritative statement while still maintaining an inviting ambience. The Metropole works equally well in the foyer of a day spa as it does in the lobby of a government building. While it is perfectly appropriate for use in a financial institution, professional building, medical center, or university setting, it also does a beautiful job in a yoga studio, plant nursery, restaurant, or art gallery.

Engineered for heavy duty performance and demanding commercial use, the Metropole is not just affordable and recession resistant but it is also a planter that continues to pay for itself over the long haul by exceeding you expectations. Plus, the Metropole does not just look good and adapt easily, but it is built to last. You cannot ask for much more from a first-class commercial planter – but just when you do, it answers in the affirmative because we have all the ideal sizes and color finishes to fulfill your needs.