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Dartington Round Low Bowl Planter

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The Dartington Round Low Bowl Planters have a large footprint and stately style, while hugging the ground to keep sightlines open. Round planter pots with a short height and sizeable footprint are great for plazas and patios and can provide ample space for a variety of plants. In a sand finish and natural color, fiberglass commercial planters resemble concrete or cast stone. And In a smooth finish, they appear sleek and modern. This makes the Dartington a chameleon of large outdoor planters - able to blend in with many settings.

For oversized commercial planters, fiberglass is emerging as the material of choice thanks to its unique properties. Fiberglass planters are much lighter than traditional materials like wood, concrete, and terracotta. Plus, shipping and installing low bowl planters is a breeze thanks to the manageable weight. Despite its lightness, fiberglass is also extremely durable and long-lasting. It tolerates extremes of heat and cold while maintaining superior resistance to warping and cracking. And containers always stay free of mildew and rot.

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Dartington Low Profile Round Planter 36in.D x 12in.H
Dartington Low Profile Round Planter 48in.D x 12in.H
Dartington Low Profile Round Planter 60in.D x 12in.H
Dartington Low Profile Round Planter 48in.D x 18in.H
Dartington Low Profile Round Planter 60in.D x 18in.H

Choosing a large outdoor planter made of fiberglass is like opting for endless versatility. Truly, our fiberglass commercial planters offer the best of aesthetics, durability and all-around performance in any climate. And round planter pots are available in a range of modern, classic and industrial finishes to meet any style requirement.

No More Clunky Concrete

For a while, adding oversized, heavy duty outdoor planters and pots meant handling equally overweight materials like concrete. But with the appearance of fiberglass commercial planters the standards of commercial designers, architects and business owners are now redefined. With this cutting edge material, styles like our Dartington Low Bowl Planters can be made to look concrete, cast stone or ceramic containers, but in a more user-friendly format. Fiberglass is:

  • Lighter weight than most commercial planter materials
  • More versatile in design and custom options
  • Highly resilient in all types of weather patterns - hot or cold
  • Virtually free of maintenance requirements
  • Free of mold, mildew or rot
  • Unattractive to insects
  • Great in any climate with lowest possibility to cracks or splits

Preserve Property Views

Round planter pots that sit low to the ground are a plus where preserving sightlines is a concern. As in the view deck of a commercial patio, where hardscape surfaces could use some sprucing, but not at the expense of gorgeous scenery. Same goes for plazas, parkways and other landscapes that could benefit from plantscaping that hugs the ground.

Call to Consult, Collaborate and Customize

With all the attractive finish and upgrade options available for our commercial fiberglass planter line, it's simply impossible to capture all that potential online. As such, our knowledgeable project management team is always available to take on all of your questions, concerns and custom requests. From real metal ArmoreCoat finishes, to business logo designs, there's few things we can't do - all you have to do is call for a no-obligation consultation and price quote.