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Electronic Ignition FLAT Round Penta Burner

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Recessed-Mount Fire Pit Penta Burner Kit

To get a fully coordinated look with your outdoor décor, one that matches your façade to a T, the only way to go is by building your own backyard fire pit. When you do it yourself, you have the freedom to create any size, shape, and finish you like. And the best part of building your own custom-made fire pit? You get to choose the heating element as well. This is the most important component because it's the source of the flame! Don't go in halfway when selecting a gas burner; choose something that will outperform the rest. Choose a Penta burner from Hooks & Lattice.

Superior Gas Burner For Fire Pits

We offer only the highest quality burners because we know your fire feature will be one of your favorite outdoor attractions. Offering superior quality and flame, this unit is made from stainless steel and includes a 5-year warranty. The innovative star-shape was designed to create both a more "realistic" fire and use less fuel to do it (when compared to standard alternatives). When used with either propane or natural gas, these products create a more full, "campfire" effect that is easy to control thanks to the electronic ignition system. Designed for fire pits with enclosures that have a recessed mount and internal side walls, each unit includes a raised hub and Spider Guard.

Easy Electronic Ignition

Electronic ignition is perhaps the simplest choice for outdoor fire pits. It is powered by a 120V or 24V source and can be quickly turned on at the flip of a switch. These Penta burners do a series of safety checks before allowing gas to flow, creating a pilot light, and allowing the main gas flow, which creates such a stunning fire. Control your flame height and easily shut off your fire pit; you can even do it by remote control.

Detailed Dimensions for Electronic Ignition Burner Inserts

18" Round Insert | Burner: 12"
24" Round Insert | Burner: 18"
30" Round Insert | Burner: 24"
36" Round Insert | Burner: 30"