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Durante Round Flower Pots

What are you looking for in flower pots and planters for container gardening? Do they have to be sturdy enough to endure the elements or your high-traffic application? Need striking good looks that will enhance the scenery? Are you looking for the best plant container for healthy plants? Why not go for all three? It's possible with our Durante stone and resin planters. These round planter pots have a simple silhouette with an eye-catching weathered stone finish. They have an extremely durable construction for use in any indoor or outdoor spot. And with a water-minder system, they practically take care of your plants for you!

The Durante features a tapered round form that is easy to fit in with any type of décor. It displays a wide rim that give it sense of weight. However, this composite planter is actually amazingly lightweight. You get the classic rustic look of stone in an outdoor plant pot that is easy to move indoors as you please. And for year-round outdoor applications, nothing beats this planter. It is resistant to cracking due to freezing or temperature changes and it has UV-resistance built in so that it won't fade after many seasons in the sunlight.

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8in. Round Durante Round Flower Pot - 2 Colors
10in. Durante Round Flower Pot - 2 Colors
12in. Durante Round Flower Pot - 2 Colors
14in. Durante Round Flower Pot - Teak
16in. Durante Round Flower Pot - Teak

Create an Attractive Garden Display with Round Planter Pots

Stylish and versatile, these Durante poly resin planters offer you the ultimate in decorative freedom. They are available standard in a chocolaty brown Teak and sleek charcoal Gray color, however, other colors may be available upon request. With a weathered stone finish these lightweight planters offer a classic rustic look for your outdoor space. And you don't have to live in a country cottage to get that outdoorsy feel, not with these planters. They can be added to apartment balcony, terrace, or rooftop gardens for a touch of natural elegance. Hooks and Lattice offers the Durante flower pots and planters in five sizes, allowing you to create a lovely garden display by clustering or lining these containers on your patio or deck. This style is also available in two taller sizes.

Frost and UV-Resistant Outdoor Pots

One of the many benefits of this round plant container is that it offers superior weather resistance for outdoor use. With the combination of modern resin and classic stone materials you get a planter with the rugged nature of stone and the flexibility of plastic. Plus, you get a planter that weighs a fraction of traditional all-stone planters. Enjoy the advantages of composite planters, which include:

  • Frost-resistance to avoid cracking in freezing weather
  • Anti-shock to resist chipping or shattering from the occasional bumps and spills
  • Constructed with UV-inhibitors to prevent fading and discoloration in full sun
  • Impervious to warping and rotting due to wet weather

Great Planters for Organic Container Gardening

Did we mention that these outdoor plant pots are alsoBPA free? This makes them a splendid choice for organic container gardening! Just because you don't have a plot of land it doesn't mean that you can't enjoy fresh herbs, vegetables, and flowers right on your own balcony, or patio. They are designed with an extra wide rim that make planting and garden maintenance easy. They also provide extra depth especially in the larger sizes to suit many varieties of plants, including organic tomatoes that require more soil depth. Because of their tapered shape, these round planters take up a minimal amount of space. And because they are so lightweight it's easy for you to bring your plants indoors on those cold nights.

Flower Planters for Indoors and Out

The self-watering system makes container gardening easy, indoors and outdoors. Whether you are a garden expert or just a beginner, the Durante self-watering planter helps to take some of the guesswork out of plant care. A water-minder feature attached to the bottom of each Durante planter creates a lower reservoir that stores excess water, allowing plants to drink freely for days. All you need to do is feel the moistness of the soil to know when it's time to water again. If you use your Durante planter indoors be sure to keep the drainage plug in place to avoid messy spills. For outdoor use, this plug can be removed and placed in the soil for safekeeping.

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