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Prato Round Fiberglass Commercial Planter

The Prato Round Fiberglass Planter

S izes range from 18" to 48" Tall and up to 72" in diameter. Custom sizes can be made to order. Price depends upon the quantity.

The Prato is an ideal design for adding a centerpiece of organic beauty and greenery to any site. The Prato has an unusually large diameter footprint for making a wonderfully impressive statement, and it can also be used to subtly but very effectively raises plants, flowers, and trees to a higher viewing level. The Prato works much like a small circular indoor or outdoor stage to elevate your landscape – and the natural look, feel, and ambience of whatever environment it occupies. The uniquely wide-diameter design is, for example, especially appropriate for applications like courtyards, lobbies, or food courts where you want to be sure to showcase your botanicals equally from all sides and perspectives. But this durable portable planter is much less labor intensive than conventional flower beds or permanent plantings. So it is not only affordably priced but it continues to save budget dollars over time because it costs less to maintain. 

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Prato Round Planter 24in.Dia. x 18in.H
Prato Round Planter 24in.Dia. x 24in.H
Prato Round Planter 30in.Dia. x 24in.H
Prato Round Planter 36in.Dia x 30in.H
Prato Round Planter 36in.Dia. x 36in.H
Prato Round Planter 48in.Dia. x 36in.H
Prato Round Planter 42in.Dia. x 42in.H
Prato Round Planter 60in.Dia. x 36in.H
Prato Round Planter 72in.Dia. x 30in.H
Prato Round Planter 72in.Dia. x 42in.H
Use the Prato as you would a central fountain or statue – while creating natural art in public spaces that call for less man-made visuals and more uplifting and uplifted green spaces. Deploy the Prato solo and watch it command attention with a welcome allure. Plan a design with matching pairs and similar plants, or different sized planters and a variety of plants. The choices are limitless because the Prato is endlessly adaptable, remarkably affordable, and engineered to endure even the most extreme conditions and still look great and outperform the competition.

This planter defines a space in the same way that a well-manicured and tidy flowerbed does, but in a much more maintenance-free method because everything is contained within a non-permanent, low impact infrastructure. But there is nothing non-permanent about the planter itself, because although it is portable and reusable it is made of the highest quality fiberglass.

Available in a whole range of sizes suited to all of your needs, the Prato will deliver outstanding performance for years to come with exceptional resistance to harsh sunlight, freezing temperatures, severe fluctuations in weather, or other challenges that inferior quality planters cannot withstand.

A large footprint Prato makes a powerfully upscale first impression, so it is always a tasteful and practical choice, for instance, for placement in front of an office complex, apartment building, restaurant, school, or country club. Select the Prato for the layout of the food court inside an expansive mall, where the architectural structure has to be open and spacious, but you want to create a more intimate setting for a specific result. Hotels and other establishments need to have pick up and drop off facilities or VIP parking designs that resemble miniature traffic circles, and putting a Prato in that circular median transforms it from a mundane obstacle into an attractive garden.

Enjoy sustainable greenery – and a greener and more sustainable landscaping budget – anywhere that you need to add bold beauty and simultaneously keep the interior or exterior landscape neat, clean, and strategically defined.