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Sandblasted signs give commercial signage an added dimension of personality. Available to order as custom wood signs or in a high density urethane (HDU) foam, Sign Bracket store creates these outstanding decorative signs directly from your digital design. All sandblasted signs are a fully custom product and pricing will depend on the size and complexity of a project.

For both custom wood signs and HDU materials, the sandblasting process begins with a sign blank in the appropriate size and shape. These blanks are covered with a rubber mask according to areas that will receive the sandblasting treatment and those that will make up raised parts of your signage. From here, decorative signs get their dimensional effect from a mixture of sand and pressurized air that is released to strip away any areas not protected by the rubber mask. All that remains is to add finishes including any necessary primers, stains, clear coating and paint. Each of the sandblasted signs pictured here is a custom design.

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Oval Sandblasted Sign
Sandblasted HDU Sign
For fully custom decorative signs that go beyond two-dimensional flat printing, sandblasted signs add a layer of personality to your business name and logo designs. Created directly from your digital file, Sign Bracket Store can manufacture custom wood signs and also high density urethane (HDU) signage in memorable dimensional designs. Retail storefronts, restaurants and convenience stores all prefer the multi-faceted look of sandblasted signs built to their custom needs.

At their earliest stages, sandblasted signs begin from HDU and wood sign blanks. Based on desired texture, custom wood signs are a classic option for that natural grain feel. However, the versatility of HDU materials also makes it possible to create an appearance similar to wood. While decorative signs have to look great, choosing a material should also be based on the planned application. Whether interior or exterior, continental or temperate climate zones, materials and finishes can be specially selected for optimal performance.

Custom decorative signs in sandblasted styles are created utilizing a foolproof process whereby layers of material are removed using pressurized air and sand. Beginning with a wooden or HDU sign blank in the size and shape suited to your original design, a rubber masking based on the logos, lettering and other details is applied. Our sandblasted signs are based fully on the digital designs of our customers, and so these rubber masks are cut directly from a digital outline. From there, HDU and custom wood signs are detailed utilizing a pressurized blaster that begins as a simple tank of sand. The blasting effect comes from pulling in cool, dry air to a tremendous pressure until the contents are ready to be forced out to cut away any sign blank left exposed. The raised pieces seen on sandblasted signs are actually those belonging to an original sign blank, while the hollowed out parts represent materials that were carried away.

Working with Sign Bracket Store to create sandblasted signs is a fully custom process, from start to finish. Based on the digital designs of our customers, the appropriate HDU or wooden sign blanks are conceptualized specifically for the sandblasting process. On the tale end, an array of finishing techniques can be applied for a precise look suited to the face of your business.