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Santiago Decora Window Boxes w/ Plastic PVC Liners

Another Hooks and Lattice exclusive design! Introduced in 2007, the Santiago Decora window boxes are a perfect addition to any window wall or deck rail -fences, too. We chose this planter box because it so beautifully combines great looks with value shopping. The PVC liner and metal planting cage are included.

White works well with any color palette in flowers and/or plants with ornamental foliage. Mixed herbs look great in sun or part sun. Use soil designed for container planting and mulch the top after plants are in.

The pre-drilled integrated braces in the back iron makes for a quick and simple installation directly onto any surface. Includes lightweight, durable, fade-resistant white plastic flower box liner with removable drainage plugs. This Decora window box design also looks great with your favorite 6", 7" and some 8" pots.

24in. Santiago Decora Window Box w/ Vinyl Liner
30in. Santiago Decora Window Box w/ Vinyl Liner
36in. Santiago Decora Window Box w/ Vinyl Liner
48in. Santiago Decora Window Box w/ (2) Vinyl Liners
60in. Santiago Decora Window Box w/ (2) Vinyl Liners
72in. Santiago Decora Window Box w/ (2) Vinyl Liners
The Santiago Decora Window Boxes make a couple of dreams come true. First, these shopping bargain window boxes offer nice (very nice!) price discounts without sacrificing character or durability. One fun thing to do with those savings is to treat yourself to a few of those plants that have always seemed a bit too expensive. Gardeners deserve treats.

Another mark for Santiago Decora window box cages with liners is the very simple installation on any flat surface - a wall for window boxes, or a rail or fence. You can be choosing plants in no time with these affordable window boxes, a long-lasting white PVC liner in a decoratively designed wrought iron planter cage. Fill with soil and plant your Decora window box directly, or use plants in 6", 7", and even some 8" pots.

Sunny areas are always easy, but window boxes often are part shaded from the house itself, landscaping or both. That doesn't mean you can't have striking floral design, though. Begonias, with a host of new colors and foliage in recent years, coleus (also simply exploding with colors and patterns) and petunias offer dozens of striking choices. Petunias and begonias both offer cascading varieties which takes care of the "spiller level" usually used at the base of container planter designs. Begonias and coleus even go into deep shade, and add impatiens with a host of bright colors and lovely, delicate looking caladium to create quite a stir, but only in substantial shade. Caladium with deep watermelon tones pairs with dragon wing begonia to light up any spot; white toned caladium with white begonias or impatiens is a show-stopper, too.