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Geometric, Rectangular & Square Sconces

For a chic and original square sconce, choose the beauty of ceramic lighting by Fabby. Each geometric wall sconce featured in this category has crisp edges, precise styling and clean lines to complement a range of design aesthetics - from contemporary to classic. And each square and rectangular wall sconce is handcrafted.

Here, geometric wall sconce design begins with white earthenware clay that is handcrafted through a slip casting and bisque fire process. The resulting white color and pleasingly slight imperfections that come from working with clay gives each square sconce an element of natural beauty not found in other materials. Beyond straightforward square and rectangular sconce designs, more abstract styles include inverted pyramids, tiered step edges, and various types of cutouts. Each geometric wall sconce is UL-Listed for dry interior use, and some styles may also be rated for damp or covered exterior applications. Please click individual ceramic sconces below for more details.

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5" Oblique Geometric Sconce
9" Oblique Geometric Sconce
6.5"  Ceramic Rectangle Wall Sconce
6.5"  Ceramic Block Wall Sconce
4.5"  Ceramic Block Sconce
6" Inverted Obelisk Geometric Sconce
13"  Edgy Trapezoid Geometric Sconce
6.5" Ceramic Column Geometric Wall Sconce
10"  Three Fold Geometric Wall Sconce
14" Inverted Pyramid Geometric Sconce
10" Nighttime Windows Ceramic Block Sconce
10" Bright Borders Block Wall Sconce
10" Cityscape Geometric Wall Sconce
10" Angled Faces Geometric Sconce w/ Horizontal Bars
7" Three Fold Geometric Wall Sconce w/ Window Borders
12.5" Inverted Pyramid Wall Sconce w/ Side Slits
9.5" Block Sconce w/ Front Step Detail
10" Angled Face Geometric Ceramic Sconce
7" Folded Block Sconce w/ Cut Out Side Lights
6.5" Geometric Sconce w/ Barcode Borders
6.5" Geometric Sconce w/ Square Window Border
12" Open Ended Parallelogram Geometric Sconce
6.5" Block Sconce w/ Scattered Geometric Cut Outs
6.5" Ceramic Block Sconce w/ Modern Line Motif
6.5" Block Sconce w/ Random Square Motif
4.25" Celestial Stars Block Sconce
10" Eastern Calligraphy Block Sconce
11" Step Up Block Ceramic Sconce w/ Symmetrical Pattern
7.5" Parallelogram Ceramic Sconce w/ Upper Light Grill
8" Triangle Mosaic Geometric Wall Sconce
14" Inverted Pyramid Geometric Sconce w/ Vented Border
14" Aztec Ceramic Step Sconce
4.5" Rectangular Sconce w/ Geometric Light Squares
4.5" Geometric Rectangle Sconce w/ Contemporary Lines
4.5" Geometric Rectangle Sconce w/ Fleur-de-lis
4.5" Simple Square Bordered Block Sconce
6.5" Ceramic Block Sconce w/ Light Windows
6.5" Ceramic Block Sconce w/ Contemporary Cut Out
10" Geometric Sconce w/ Broken Cube Pattern
10" Angled Face Geometric Sconce w/ Vertical Line Border
6.5" Shining Star Block Sconce
4.5" Building Block Ceramic Wall Sconce
10" Angular Geometric Wall Sconce
7" Three Fold Geometric Wall Sconce
18" Clean Block Ceramic Wall Sconce
5" Perfect Square Geometric Wall Sconce
This uncommonly enticing geometric wall sconce collection is imagined by Fabby, and brought to you online by Hooks and Lattice. Beyond the usual square sconce made from metal or composites, each of the shapes, edges and cutouts featured in these lights is artfully planned and executed. Also, light fixtures go beyond basic square and rectangular wall sconce design to include trapezoids, inverted pyramids, and other innovative shapes.

When it comes to lighting design, sconces are valued as functional wall lighting that also has great ambient quality. Whether applying a square sconce on either side of an archway, or using a rectangular wall sconce as an accent piece above a wall hanging, this type of lighting has diverse possibilities. Adding to their charm is the fact that a Fabby geometric wall sconce carries with it the joy of original artwork.

Each triangular, square, angular and rectangular wall sconce in this assortment is handcrafted out of clay. The properties of the material are, at first, malleable. Of course, it's clay! However, after a meticulous slip-cast and bisque firing process, a geometric wall sconce is born in hardened ceramic material. With slight imperfections inevitable in the material, each light fixture is truly unique making them all one of a kind.

On top of aesthetic appeal, each fixture by Fabby is a fully functional light. From a simple square sconce, to a trapezoid with cutouts, the artful intent never overpowers utility. As evidence of this, each geometric wall sconce is UL-Listed for interior applications, with some also listed for damp or covered exterior applications. For more details, our online customers are invited to click on individual products above.

Among this assortment of cubic, triangular and rectangular wall sconce designs, homeowners and interior designers will see a range of possibilities for successful lighting design. Whimsical cutouts on some of the designs make them an appropriate children's light, and the sleek sophistication other sconces suggests a chic contemporary appeal. A geometric wall sconce also finds relevance as office or commercial lighting, particularly along corridors and hallways. All orders are packaged and ship with care.