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7' Fiddle Leaf Fig Screen in Rectangle Planter

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The Raised Bed Gardening Craze

From metropolitan rooftops to rural country patios, the raised bed gardening rage is in full swing. More and more homeowners and renters are discovering the many benefits of breaking away from traditional in-ground gardening and moving toward container garden beds. Not only are our Redwood raised beds convenient for both beginning and advanced container gardeners, but they are also a great way to add a touch of rustic beauty to your outdoor space. Each garden bed kit comes with everything you need for easy assembly so that you can start your flourishing flower or vegetable gardening project right away.

Benefits of Redwood Grow Beds

Building raised beds on your deck or patio is a snap when you have a little help from Hooks & Lattice. We do all the prep work with this contractor-built kit so that you can assemble it in no time, right out of the box. No cutting, no measuring, no headache. Each of these large grow beds will provide plenty of interior space for cultivating an entire herb, vegetable, or flower garden right outside your door. For added gardening ease we also offer a wheeled platform so that you can move your garden as needed, into the sun or closer to the spigot. These raised flower beds are made from a beautiful red-gold Redwood lumber that is attractive as well as durable. They have a natural appeal that fits in with any type of architecture.

Organic Vegetable Gardening

Redwood raised beds are perfect for organic gardening because they are made from all-natural materials that are inherently resistant to a number of environmental hazards. You won't have to worry about weather sealants or insect repellants with these garden beds because Redwood is naturally resistant to insects, rot, and aging. Though it will patina to a lovely silvery-gray hue over time, this hearty wood planter won't deteriorate as the seasons go by.