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Silverglade Seagrass Tapered Window Basket

Make curb appeal come alive with the Silverglade Seagrass Window Basket Planter. To call this outdoor wall planter dimensional, while accurate, would still fall short of describing its unique visual effect. A conical cascade of furrowed layers produce an almost otherworldly expression of texture that makes this container truly stand out. And tapered window baskets come lined with durable plastic to preserve the stunning presentation longer.

Display the Silverglade as an outdoor wall planter along a window, patio or fence to create dramatic botanical arrangements. Or, purchase some cable ties and fasten to balcony railings. Whether applied as a traditional window basket planter or in the bathroom for towel storage, this container brings uncommon beauty to its surroundings.

Browse tapered window baskets online and imagine all the delight that awaits. Please note, the shape is supported by a sturdy galvanized metal frame and integrated metal loops come attached for simple installation.

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20in. Silverglade Seagrass Tapered Window Basket
24in. Silverglade Seagrass Tapered Window Basket
30in. Silverglade Seagrass Tapered Window Basket

Looking for a window basket planter that's truly remarkable? The Silverglade Seagrass Tapered Window Baskets are the end to your search. Alive with dimension, this eye-catching garden container is nothing short of stunning. Layered waves of material produce a seemingly fluid effect that proves even more exquisite when paired with botanicals.

Each woven outdoor wall planter is well-suited to multiple applications. Mount in the traditional method along a window frame, or fasten basket planters to a patio wall, garden gate or gazebo. Need a little something to dress up bland deck railings and balcony banisters? With the simple addition of cable ties, tapered baskets transform into alluring rail planters.

Form and Function

While visual effect is important, gardeners also want to know a planter can stand up to functional expectations. Green thumbs will be happy to know the Silverglade is structured on a built-in galvanized frame for lasting shape. And for practical potting, each window basket planter comes lined with a layer of protective plastic. Insert soil and desired plants directly, and enjoy uncommonly cool botanical arrangements. Containers also come with integrated metal loops to enable a simple, secure mount.

Think outside the window box.

In addition to their typical use in the garden, our customers are also getting creative with this woven seagrass style. Remodeling the bathroom, bedroom or office? Consider the potential of a wall planter that can act as a creative holder and interior design focal point. Be it magazines, faux flowers or bathroom hand towels, this is a functional basket on oh-so many fronts.

For more information on individual products and sizes, click on the tapered window baskets online at Hooks & Lattice. Our vast home and garden offerings also include window boxes made of materials like wood, fiberglass, composite PVC and galvanized metal to suit any style. Browse online, get inspired, and make your garden exceptional this season, and the next, and the next.