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Rimmed Self-Watering Planters

Looking for self-watering garden planters that can withstand inclement weather like no others? Our Rimmed Self-Watering Planters feature dual wall, shatter-resistant construction and UV treatment. Available in a large selection of colors, the Brimmed collection features a flat, wide top lip and tapers to a petite footprint. Brimmed Resin Planters:

  • Include sub-irrigation system
  • Are lightweight, yet durable
  • Integrate easily into contemporary or classical decor
  • Choose from many colors and sizes up to 30"
  • For use in private homes and commercial properties.

Self-watering garden containers like these are ideal for use around the home, patio, and balcony garden spaces. Group planters and pots in empty corners, near the pool, or on terraces. Mix and match warm colors like old bronze and weathered terra cotta for a neutral display. Or, create a uniform, modern display using contemporary hues like slate, midnight, caviar black, or ash.

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18in. Rimmed Self-Watering Planter
22in. Rimmed Self-Watering Planter
26in. Rimmed Self-Watering Planter
30in. Rimmed Self-Watering Planter

Handsome Brimmed Self-Watering Planters

Whether you have a busy life and want the convenience of outdoor self-watering containers or are looking to save time and money - or both - our handsome Brimmed Self-Watering Planters offer exceptional beauty and value. These self-watering pots are graced with a wide mouth that provides a roomy plant surface for all manner of flowers, herbs, decorative grasses, and more. And their tapered bottom serves as both reservoir and stable base for these attractive patio planters. Available in nine earth tone colors, each brimmed self-watering planter mimics those of heavy plant containers, such as clay, ceramic, stone or concrete. Yet, as resin planter pots they weigh far less, making them easy to move around. Available in sizes - 18 to 30 inches - color options include:

  • Old Bronze
  • Caviar Black
  • Alpine White
  • Weathered Terra Cotta
  • Ash
  • Slate
  • Midnight
  • Olive
  • Bark.

Rugged and Durable Plastic Outdoor Planters

Made with enduring resin composites, the Brimmed self-watering plastic outdoor planters provide years of service, still looking as great as the first day they arrived. They won't bow, crack or fade. Their double wall construction reinforces structure while providing shock-resistant properties that enable the planter to withstand temperature extremes without damage. The Tru-Drop watering system lets you see when water in the reservoir gets low too. Depending on plant type and weather, watering won't be required from two to six weeks. Water that resides in the planter's reservoir at the bottom prevents evaporation, keeping plant roots healthier both through hydration and by retaining fertilizer that keeps them nourished. In addition, there's an optional overflow drain for excess rain elimination that is easily accessible by using the quick connect system with a common garden hose.

Additional Advantages of Self-Watering Pots

Besides keeping plants hydrated and more effectively fertilized, our Brimmed Self-Watering Planters have 100% recyclable material, making them eco-friendly and food-friendly. They are food safe and use 50% less water than conventional planters you water from the top. The Tru-Drop system prevents flower and leaf damage while preventing exterior contamination from bugs or environmental toxins. For additional information about these revolutionary planter systems, please call 888-427-3362 today to speak with a garden specialist.