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18in. Rimmed Self-Watering Planter

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The Outdoor Planter that Has it All

Chic modern look, the versatility of a customizable decorative planter, a low maintenance self-watering system, and eco-friendly construction are just a few of the benefits of the 18" rimmed large planter. Available in a variety of attractive colors to match your own unique interior décor, this simple contemporary flower pot is just the thing you need to add vibrant, beautiful plant life to your home or office space. And as an added benefit this large garden planter comes with the innovative TruDrop irrigation system, ensuring healthy and nourished plants for even the most inexperienced container gardener.

An Eco-Friendly Flower Pot

The round rimmed self-watering planter is a flower pot that lends itself well to any type of interior décor. It has a smooth finish that mimics stone but is actually made from an environmentally friendly plastic material. Aside from being much more durable than ceramic and much more long lasting than wood, this resin material is also 100% recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional indoor self-watering containers and planter pots. Choose your favorite color from nine snazzy options. Though modern in design, these broad-rimmed planters have a natural feel that compliments your indoor greenery.

Self-Watering Garden Containers

Our rimmed modern flower pot offers the most up-to-date and easy to use option in modern self-watering garden containers. Each rimmed planter includes the revolutionary TruDrop system, a self-watering system that is both simple and discreet. All contained in a sleek and lightweight one-piece planter you get a complete sub-irrigation system that includes a convenient fill hole, irrigation chamber, mess-free drain, and easy-to-read water level indicator. Plants drink as needed from the ample 4-gallon supply, ensuring that you can go weeks at a time between waterings. Whether you are decorating a home living room, a sunroom, or an office cubicle, this is the perfect low-maintenance planter for all of your indoor gardening needs.

Exterior Dimensions:
Top: 17.17"Dia.
Base: 10.03"Dia.
Height: 17.71"

Soil Capacity: 5.14 Gallons
Water Reservoir Capacity: 3.92 Gallons

10 Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty