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22in. Rimmed Self-Watering Planter

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Low-Maintenance Planter Pots

With a built-in self-watering sub-irrigation system and a classic modern look, the 22" rimmed self-watering planter is the combination of convenience and elegance: what's not to love? These chic planter pots offer you all the container gardening possibilities of a large planter but have a subtle and sophisticated look that makes them a welcome addition to your indoor décor. Now you can grow healthy, lush tropical plants right in your own living room or kitchen without any mess or fuss. The innovative TruDrop self-irrigating planter system ensures that your plants stay watered for weeks without leaving any signs of drips or drainage on your floors.

Contemporary Design, Long-Lasting Construction

The rimmed self-irrigating planter design is a contemporary twist on the tapered planter pot. This planter has an extra wide rim to allow for the optimal amount of planting space, then tapers to a narrower base. Since they take up a small footprint these planters are great for apartments, dorm rooms, and offices where space is limited. Each of our rimmed planter pots is made from a durable yet lightweight resin material. Aside from being 100% recyclable, this eco-friendly anti-shock material is also guaranteed to last for many years indoors without fading or cracking. In fact, the manufacturer offers a 10-year limited warranty with each planter.

The Ultimate Self-Irrigating Planter

Whether you choose Caviar Black, Alpine White, or any of the other seven color options in between, each rimmed resin planter includes our TruDrop sub-irrigation system. With this revolutionary watering system you get everything you need to grow healthy plants, all in one piece. Caring for your plants is a breeze: simply add water via the convenient top hole (planter will hold roughly seven gallons). Plants will drink as needed from the irrigation chamber, which can be drained at your discretion. And with the convenient water level indicator you will always know when it is time to water again.

Exterior Dimensions:
Top: 21.65"Dia.
Base: 12.6"Dia.
Height: 21.85"

Soil Capacity: 9.95 Gallons
Water Reservoir Capacity: 11.86 Gallons

10 Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty