36in. Laguna Self-Watering Fiberglass Window Box

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1 - 33in Reservoir, Steel Wall Brackets

Many people like the idea of incorporating more homegrown foodstuffs into their diets, and growing plants in a window box is one way to start or add to a container garden. It's ideal for people with smaller yards--imagine the healthy edibles and herbs, and cute dwarf vegetables you could grow in this fiberglass planter box without taking up valuable patio real estate. Best of all, the Laguna window box features a high-quality plastic reservoir that holds approximately a gallon of water, allowing the plants to wick it up through the roots. Because this irrigation method is more natural, it leads to a more successful harvest.

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Length 36"
Height 8"
Width 8.5"
Material Fiberglass
Mounting Type Cleat Mount
Color Black, Bronze, Distressed Pewter, White
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