48in. Laguna Self-Watering Fiberglass Window Box

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1 - 33in Reservoir, Steel Wall Brackets

Have you spent hours watering and feeding your potted plants? Do they regularly thumb their noses up at you and die anyway? Turn the irritating behavior of green things into irrigating behavior. With a Laguna self watering planter, flowers, plants and herbs practically water themselves. At the bottom of this window planter box is a plastic one-gallon reservoir with fill tube. Once the soil and plants are in place, it's simple to fill the reservoir through the tube and then leave the plants to wick up the water through the root system at their leisure. Because vegetation naturally takes up only the water it needs, never more, never less, the outcome is plants that thrive.

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Length 48"
Height 8"
Width 8.5"
Material Fiberglass
Mounting Type Cleat Mount
Color Black, Bronze, Distressed Pewter, White
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