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DIY Self Watering Planters

Self watering planters are easy to create yourself using Hooks and Lattice planter reservoirs. These water saving garden products never over or under water your containers. This means you can easily have a front or backyard filled with beautiful garden planters and hanging baskets - regardless of your gardening know-how.

Self-watering Planter DIY:

  • Choose an indoor or outdoor planter
  • Add a reservoir that fits inside
  • Proceed to checkout to complete your order

Simply place reservoirs at the bottom of the vessel, add dirt and plants on top, then fill the reservoir using the included fill tube. Reservoirs moisten soil up to 8" further than its edges, and custom systems are available for commercial or large planters. Just give us a call!

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6" Round Planter Well Reservoir
8" Round Planter Well Reservoir
12" Round Planter Well Reservoir
14" Round Planter Well Reservoir
16"  Self Watering Flowerpot Inserts
12" Square Self Watering Inserts - Commercial Grade
17" Square Self Watering Inserts - Commercial Grade
20.5" Square Self Watering Inserts - Commercial Grade
Large Round Tapered Self Watering Pot and Planter Inserts

DIY Self-Watering Planters that Save Water & Money

DIY Self Watering Planters offer gardeners a break from the arduous task of daily or frequent watering. With our extensive inventory of planter reservoirs available in both square and round pots and planter shapes, as well as reservoirs to fit hanging flower baskets, you can capitalize on one of the most convenient ways to save water available on the market today. Plus, with our easy instructions on how to make a self-watering planter that guides your installation, you can begin savings quickly. Self-watering systems save you time too. And for self-watering hanging planters, you avoid frequent lowering, watering and rehanging these planters as often. Any of our indoor or outdoor planters can be fitted with a self-watering system of the appropriate size. Even large self-watering planters can be accommodated through our custom capability.

How Self-Watering Systems Work

Self-Watering reservoirs provide moisture to the plants roots through capillary action. When roots get dry, they 'tap' water from the soil that has been delivered from the reservoir. Reservoirs provide water for plants, reaching up to 8 inches from the further from the edges, providing plenty of water until all the water in the reservoir itself has been depleted. After purchasing the right size self-watering reservoir, simply place it in the planter or pot's bottom. Then, fill the planter with dirt, add whatever plants are to occupy the space before pouring water into the reservoir tube.

If you're not sure which reservoir is right for your container, be sure to call toll-free to speak with a product expert: 800-896-0978 (Monday-Friday 7am-5pm PT).

Self-Watering Planter Reservoir Options

Sizes of round self-watering planter reservoirs range from 6 inches to 14 inches, with four increments available. In the self-watering planter inserts, round sizes include 16 inches with tapered round starting at 14 1/2 inches and extending up to 35 inches, with 9 sizes available in all. Square reservoir systems are available at 12 and 17 inches. If you require smaller or larger size self-watering reservoirs, just call our customer service department and speak with one of our friendly staff for measurements and ordering.