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Elegant Shaped Artificial Topiary

From the most elegant of topiary shapes emerge equally lovely artificial plants. It follows that ornamental topiaries in this elongated "prolate spheroid" silhouette are a favorite accent for upscale exteriors including commercial properties and private residences. So, rather than call them by their geometric name, we like to describe these artificial topiary plants in terms of what they really are: graceful, carefree and lasting.

Ornamental topiaries made of quality faux materials are an excellent alternative to live planting. For one, topiary shapes keep their outline without a professional gardener or pruning shears. Plus, artificial topiary plants can display in any type of exterior, regardless of the climate and exposure. Available in sophisticated ivy and boxwood designs, these outdoor fake plants are each UV protected and resistant to rot. And it's this utility, combined with authentic beauty, that makes artificial topiary such an effortlessly upscale addition to patios, gardens and walkways nationwide.

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48inH Oblong Topiary, Outdoor
60inH Oblong Topiary, Outdoor
72inH Oblong Topiary, Outdoor

Make ornamental topiaries accessible for all types of design with artificial topiary plants. In every region nationwide, trained boxwood and ivy are thriving. And the source of success is not in part to a professional gardening service. The secret is artificial topiary plants in elegant shapes like this elliptical hedge.

Known in geometry as a "prolate spheroid" this elongated topiary shape is an undeniable landscape asset. Although one of the most simple topiary shapes, hedges carved into this pointed oval are also some of the most striking. Simultaneous upward and outward stretching lines combine to create one gorgeous focal point that dazzles on patios, beside front entryways and along walkways.

Artificial topiary plants are relevant in residential and commercial design alike. Trained hedges are a great way to lend privacy to al fresco dining, or to spruce up public seating in front of commercial buildings. And for homes with classic architecture, ornamental topiary shapes are a wonderful way to enhance structural features while adding the fresh feel of plant life.

Each of the ornamental topiary plants in this collection is an outdoor-rated, UV-resistant product. The quality of faux plant materials is up to commercial standards and topiaries look right at home in high-end applications. Choose the elongated ellipse in densely woven ivy or boxwood. Both choices are held up by sturdy iron supports that are especially formed to convey the prolate spheroid shape. Foliage is thick enough to hide this inner frame and keep faux topiary hedges looking just like the real thing.

In addition to the artificial topiary plants featured here, Artificial Plants Unlimited also offers custom service for a range of projects. Don't see the size or shape you're looking for online? No problem - just give us a call toll free to ask about ornamental topiaries based on a particular design vision. Diverse commercial-grade planting containers are also available to achieve the perfect presentation.