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Delight in an effortless boost to your home's curb appeal with vinyl window shutters. Available in an array of appealing styles and colors, decorative shutter pairs make windows come alive. From a traditional colonial home to a contemporary Craftsman, colored shutters are sure to add cheer and impress the neighbors in the process. By teaming up with Mid-America Shutters, Hooks and Lattice is able to offer 23 different hues including cool pastels, warm sepias and soothing greys. A stunning array of options means there's shutter colors for brick, stucco, shakes and wood or vinyl siding.

Love vinyl shutters and color choices but hoping to achieve a functional look? Creating the appearance of operable window shutters is easy - just add decorative hinges and holdbacks.

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Vinyl Shutter Color Options



Bring on the color with decorative exterior shutters made of vinyl. As one of the most versatile and dependable shutter materials on the market, vinyl is a foolproof choice for affordable home improvement. And Hooks and Lattice is proud to offer our customers more than 23 brilliant color options to enhance any residential facade.

Freedom to Choose, Free of Maintenance

The decision to buy vinyl window shutters is like a declaration of carefree curb appeal. Whether choosing shutter colors for a classic brick house, Mediterranean-inspired white stucco, or Cape Cod cottage shakes, the beauty is built in to the body of a virtually maintenance-free product. Hang up decorative exterior shutters once and enjoy them for many an effortless season.

By partnering with respected manufacturer Mid-America Shutters, we are able to offer our customers the best in outdoor window shutter variety. Designs like board and batten, raised panel and louvered shutters all make the list, and endless options are available within each style category. Custom requests like changing the number or spacing of panels, louvers, boards and battens are easy to accommodate with the help of our knowledgeable customer service team.

With Vinyl Shutters, Color Choices Are King

For the best displays, find a brilliant match for everything from red brick to vinyl siding. Shutter color combinations are just as much a part of the design process as choosing a style. And picking the right hue speaks volumes for curb appeal. Just picture cool, classic blue shutters set against bright, white stucco. The effect is transformative, like your home was just flown in from Greece. Consider the power that color has to grab attention, and capitalize on it to make your exterior one of a kind.

To begin shopping vinyl outdoor window shutters online, please click here. Only by browsing our impressive selection can you being to fully appreciate the possibilities in store for your unique home.