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Find metal sign frames for traffic, street signs and other outdoor post and pole applications online at Sign Bracket Store. Each of the outdoor sign frames featured in this category is an outdoor rated, commercial grade product intended for easy and durable mounting to posts and poles. Although aluminum sign frames are perhaps best recognized as the method for posting traffic signage, they are also present in various wayfinding and directional sign applications.

Our cast aluminum sign frames come in various shapes and sizes, including the popular square, triangular and octagonal metal sign frames utilized in traffic markers. This product assortment also includes metal sign frames in the paddle configuration for easy addition of street names and markers to the tops of poles above other signage. In addition to traffic and street names, also create a system of directional signage that includes location markers and arrows for a city, municipality, park or large commercial properties like a golf course.

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Straightforward and efficient, the cast aluminum sign frames featured online at Sign Bracket Store are heavy duty, outdoor sign frames for mounting to posts and poles. Metal sign frames designed for specific traffic signs in octagonal, square or triangular shapes are featured in addition to paddle frames that can accommodate street names or other wayfinding signage.

Pole and post mounted metal sign frames can be found in a range of applications nationwide, including along highways, at the entrance of museums, and on residential street corners. Wherever an efficient display of signage is needed along a post or pole, metal sign frames do the trick. By clicking on categories above, our online clients can view a range of options including outdoor sign frames in specific traffic marker shapes, post frames in assorted shapes and sizes, and paddle frames that protrude off the side of a pole for marked visibility.

In any design, these outdoor sign frames are a heavy duty exterior product intended for commercial grade applications. Our clientele for this type of signage includes commercial designers, architects, city planners, and more. Viewing the sample photographs above will begin to give our new and returning online customers an idea of the range in store for metal sign frames in commercial applications.

By clicking on individual categories of cast aluminum sign frames, a range of product options will appear. From here, by clicking on individual styles the product specs are easy to explore online. Most of our metal sign frames come in a silver, unpainted aluminum. However, most of our paddle frame styles come with an option to upgrade to a powder coated black finish at minimal additional cost. On top of the outdoor sign frames featured online, Sign Bracket Store also works with a range of clients on custom projects.

On a downtown boulevard where markers are needed for historical sites, libraries and government buildings, metal sign frames are there. In a commercial parking lot where directional signage is needed to guide the flow of traffic, metal sign frames are present. Buy your aluminum sign frames for these and other projects online at Sign Bracket Store.