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Sign Security Hardware

Make sure your message is always seen, by installing your signs using tamper resistant security hardware from Hooks and Lattice. Signs provide directions to customers, safety instructions for drivers and pedestrians, as well as promoting your store. So it's safe to say a stolen sign can cost you money or, even worse, become a liability should someone get hurt. Many of the tamper resistant nuts and bolts intall with a common wrench, but once installed are difficult to remove without the know-how or considerable effort. There are several options for security hardware, based on the level of security needed. Perhaps in a high traffic area you would want a sign to be nearly impossible to remove or maybe you simply want piece of mind that your sign can't be removed using a simple screwdriver. Whatever level you desire we have the security hardware for you.

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3-Pack Square Tapered Nut (Choose from 3 Sizes)
Stainless Steel Socket Button Head Bolts - Pair (Choose from 3 Sizes)
Aluminum Break Away Nuts - Pair (Choose from 2 Sizes)
Drive Rivet w/ Nylon Washer (Choose from Aluminum or Steel)
Security Hex Key Tool for Socket Button Head Bolts (Choose from 3 Sizes)

Sign Security Hardware to Protect Signage

Ensuring your signage is adequately fastened is "job #1", and what better place to purchase your sign security hardware products than from Hooks and Lattice. We carry high quality sign hardware including durable stainless steel sign brackets to fasten your business signs reliably and dependably. From tapered nuts to aluminum breakaway nuts to stainless steel socket button head bolts, each item provides secure sign theft prevention that is easy to install. What's more, this essential hardware lasts through all kinds of weather. After investing in a top quality sign, the last thing you want is for it to not be secure, fall off, or break during the first windstorm. Just as bad, you don't want it stolen due to ineffective hardware that can be removed by a vandals or a novice either. Our sign hardware equipment can prevent all of this since it is invulnerable to both extreme weather conditions as well as theft.

The Importance of Sign Protection

While keeping your company name, logo or other vital information is critical to your business, so, too, is directional signage. When directional signage fails, safety can be compromised. At minimum, vehicles and pedestrians can lose their way. Either problem can be troublesome with some outcomes becoming life-threatening. With effective sign security hardware you can be confident problems can be avoided. While our products are easy to install, they are difficult to remove without sophisticated equipment and effort. This is the kind of sign hardware security you definitely want to rely on in high-traffic areas where safety is paramount.

Sign Theft Prevention Hardware

Our sign theft prevention hardware is manufactured using the highest grade stainless steel and aluminum that has been treated to withstand inclement weather. As such, it is rust and warp resistant, standing up to the harshest winter temperatures and heavy humidity. Tapered nuts and breakaway nuts are particularly effective against weather extremes while also being difficult to remove. Our drive rivet with nylon washer stands the test of time and can only be extracted with special instruments. All our sign security hardware is available in multiple sizes to ensure you receive the right fit to install your signage too. For additional information, please give us a call. Our expert staff will be happy to guide you in procuring the best hardware for your signs.