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The Sign Bracket Store delivers with exceptional signage products suited to your business needs. Turn pedestrians into customers with our wide array of sign-enhancing brackets, lighting and hardware. Looking for a custom item that is not on our website? Call us at 888-919-7446
Gooseneck Lighting Sign Lighting made easy with Sign Bracket Store's Large selection of goosenecks, angle shades and flood lights.

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  Custom Sign Brackets Sign Bracket Store is your partner for customized sign and banner brackets.

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Our Story

  • The Sign Bracket Store is a manufacturer of many different types of sign lighting, sign brackets and sign holders, including custom options. Please look to the Sign Bracket Store for everything you need to display your projecting banners, post signs, free standing signs and even the most complex custom applications. The sign bracket systems we offer include many styles and types, including interior and exterior, lighted and un-lighted, custom and standard of the following: hanging blade sign brackets, light post banner brackets, hanging basket brackets, Iron Brackets, post and panel sign systems and A-Frame or free standing sidewalk folding signs. Using metal, wrought iron and aluminum style products we help businesses differentiate themselves from the competition. From custom wall mounted banner brackets to pole mounted hanging basket brackets, Hooks and Lattice's goal is to provide extraordinary products at a fair price with the ability to quickly turn around custom orders. Many of our products such as metal and wrought iron banner brackets, hanging blade sign brackets, hanging planter basket brackets, iron shop front sign brackets and sign lighting products are sold through a variety of sign companies throughout the United States. We work with many of the top architectural firms on city improvement projects that incorporate custom hanging sign brackets. All of our iron and metal products are powder coated in house allowing us to have a terrific range of design flexibility.

  • Whether you own a small business looking for one unique hanging blade sign bracket or you represent a community or city looking for street enhancing products such as hanging planter brackets or pole mounted banner brackets, Hooks and Lattice can help. From the custom design stage through final installation, the Sign Bracket Store will work with you on your city redevelopment projects, community improvement projects, or shopping center signage projects. Because we are the manufacturer, Sign Bracket Store has the ability to fabricate standard and custom sign brackets, sign lighting, banner brackets, and lamp post brackets that fit perfectly with the surrounding environment. We have numerous products to choose from and if you do not see a standard product that we stock that meets your needs, let our friendly and knowledgeable design team help to ensure you receive the best possible results with a custom sign holder. We specialize in custom designs and finishes based on your unique requirements and specifications for your exterior decorative sign brackets.

  • Take a look at our fabulous decorative scroll banner sign brackets that can be installed either on one side or on both sides of a light or lamp post. These decorative banner brackets come with a top banner bracket with scroll artwork and a bottom straight arm banner bracket. Notice the manufacturing detail on our metal sign brackets such as the hand hammered end on the scrolls or the curved edges on the back plate. These are true hand wrought and hammered iron pieces and not simply bent metal. The Sign Bracket Store takes pride in the way our sign holders and hanging basket supports are manufactured and powder coated. While many other manufacturers cut these features out of their manufacturing process to reduce cost, The Sign Bracket Store still includes these important extra features while keeping our costs as low as possible. Our customers work hard to create signage that best represents the business and we want to make sure that the sign bracket or sign holder is an enhancement and not a distraction from the sign or banner.

  • Let The Sign Bracket Store be the source for your next project. Utilize our design team along with our low-cost manufacturing capabilities to achieve the optimum outcome while staying on time and within budget. Many of our metal sign holders, custom lighted wrought iron projecting sign brackets, banner brackets, brackets for hanging baskets and sign lights are installed in shopping centers, downtown areas, hospitals, car lots, universities, stadiums, museums and much, much more. No other manufacturing company matches our capabilities in sign holders that include: ornamental wrought iron banner brackets, ornamental wrought iron lamp post brackets, ornamental wrought iron shop front sign brackets, ornamental wrought iron projecting sign brackets and ornamental wrought iron business sign brackets. With our design expertise, low-cost manufacturing, quick turn-around times and unbeatable reputation the Sign Bracket Store is the best choice and we want to prove it to you. Please call us for all your, exterior decorative sign brackets, hanging basket bracket, banner bracket and hanging blade sign bracket needs.

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    PVC signs are made of cellular PVC, which is a non-porous material that resists water and moisture. This means that the signs are virtually weather proof. Unlike wooden signs, these sign blanks won't rot or swell, and they won't crack or crumble because of elemental damage. They are similar in weight and consistency to pine, which lends a classic feel to the sign while inviting modern protection. In addition, the sign blanks can be used with vinyl lettering, which is also weather resistant and versatile. Read More

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Recent Additions

For your business, signage is everything. As commercial signage and lighting manufacturers, we at The Sign Bracket Store understand that and are designing new products represent your businesses' brand. We're striving to make signage problems a thing of the past with solutions for every application, making architectural signs, lighting and sign hardware solutions to get the job done. Brand your business the right way with professional signage and lighting today for a high profit business tomorrow.

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