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Artificial Door Wreaths | Silk Floral Wreaths

Enjoy elegant door hangers year-round with lifelike silk wreaths from Artificial Plants Unlimited. Our selection of floral, green and seasonal door decorations includes everything from elegant tulip and grapevine wreaths to a simple circlet of moss. Pick your favorite for fall, winter, summer and spring, then easily switch up and store throughout the year.

Displaying artificial door wreaths is a maintainable alternative to living plants. All of our flowers, foliage, greenery and fillers are made from the highest quality synthetic materials to achieve stunning realism. The resulting silk wreaths not only stand the test of time, but continue to look fresh, lifelike and inviting. Plus, artificial door wreaths are easy to store or lovely to display inside during the off-season. Check out all of our gorgeous designs like romantic roses, magnetic magnolias and graceful grapevine wreaths.

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18in. Simple Moss Wreath
24in. Tulip and Grapevine Wreath, Pink/White
24in. Tulip and Grapevine Wreath, Orange/White
22in. Sunflower Wreath, Yellow/White
24in. Magnolia Wreath, Green/White
Wreath with Mixed Aloe, Echeveria, and Agave, 18 in.
Wreath with Mixed Echeveria, Agave and Succulents, 21 in.

Warm up your entryway using artificial door wreaths for any season. From simple green moss wreaths to ornate woven circulars, our lifelike selection has something suited to any doorway. Plus, these gorgeous decorations are designed to last in outdoor applications.

A Silk Wreath for Any Season

Hanging seasonal door decorations is a great way to warm up your exterior. At Artificial Plants Unlimited we've assembled a variety of beautiful options like grapevine wreaths, sunflower circlets and even heart-shaped rose hangers. Regardless of the style, each is handcrafted in the USA by skilled artisans who treat even silk flowers and plants like a florist would.

And the benefits don't stop at creative, charming construction. Our artificial wreath designs are meant to last. Hang them up when you need them, store them when you don't - season after season, year after year.

Lifelike As Can Be

Get ready to experience silk wreaths like never before. The realism of our all-season door decorations really begins with the materials. Using top quality-grade synthetics, the flowers, greens, garlands and fillers that make up each design are manufactured in a way that stays true to each species in nature.

The sunflowers, tulips, roses and gardenias open up with authentic life and texture, while the green mosses and grapevines portray convincing texture and dimension. And our "faux florists" know what to do with each artificial wreath ingredient - winding and weaving in a way that delights from every last angle.

Can I Choose My Own Wreath Design?

We thought you'd never ask. The answer is, absolutely. Artificial Plants Unlimited has filled all types of custom orders, from elaborate woven grapevine wreaths to unusual square and oval silhouettes. Have an idea for seasonal door decorations inspired by something you've seen online? Please give us a call toll free to discuss your idea and get a custom wreath price quote.