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Aunty Jane Cedar Window Boxes

Window planters are a simple but effective way to add instant appeal to your home. They also make it enjoying fresh flowers a possibility, whether you have space for a full bed or not. This option is especially suited for cottages and charming country homes, thanks to its natural cedar construction. Not only is cedar less susceptible to pests and weather damage, but it's also lightweight and easier to mount.

A built-in cleat mounting system makes each wood planter box simple to install, so you can do it yourself as soon as you get them home. Choose from varied sizes.

These cedar planters are chemical free and made from wood using sustainable growing methods, so they're as good for the environment as for your style sensibilities. Additionally, a lack of chemical pesticides make them suitable for organic gardening and edibles, such as kitchen herbs or smaller vegetables.

Affordable, attractive, but simple enough in design to let your flowers take center stage!

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24in. Aunty Jane Cedar Window Box
30in. Aunty Jane Cedar Window Box
36in. Aunty Jane Cedar Window Box

The Aunty Jane Cedar Wood Planter Box

If simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, then the Aunty Jane Cedar Wood Planter Box represents the ultimate expression of it. In a simple yet rustic manner, these deck railing planters showcase the colorful blooms and blossoms, putting the spotlight on them first and foremost. Unadorned yet chic, these lovely planters' smooth surface and tidy straight-edge corners offer a pristine appearance. Add them to your deck out back, the front porch for increased curb appeal on cottages and country homes, or even set on patios or near walkways for in-town bungalows. The Aunty Jane Cedar Window Boxes add uncomplicated appeal regardless of where they reside. Crisp, unfinished, and chemical-free, a cedar wood window box naturally deters pests, making them ideal for organic container gardening too. In fact, many folks love to mount these sustainably manufactured window planters right outside their kitchen windows for easy-access herb harvesting while cooking.

Cedar Wood Window Box: Installation Made Easy

The Aunty Jane planters are lightweight and easy to install. They come with our convenient cleat mount system that any beginner gardener can install. To make life even more convenient, add a liner for protection even though the Aunty Jane's cedar naturally resists warping and rotting. If growing herbs or small vegetables in a cedar wood window box, add a self watering reservoir. Self watering planter inserts keep flowers and foliage hydrated up to two weeks, depending on plant species, planter location and weather conditions. (Self-watering reservoirs sold separately elsewhere on our site.) Although this planter arrives unfinished, if you prefer to add a coat of paint or stain, they come ready to finish prior to mounting, in addition to accessories you might add.

Three Sizes of Cedar Window Boxes

Available in three convenient sizes, the Aunty Jane wood planter box comes in 24 inch, 30 inch and 36 inch lengths. Buy for one window or small railing or combine several planters for longer windows or extended railing coverage. No matter where these simple yet sophisticated planter boxes are mounted, the Aunty Jane Cedar Boxes will increase curb appeal through showcasing what is inside them in the most natural way. For additional information or to learn about self-watering reservoirs and other accessories, please call 800-896-0978 to speak with a representative today.