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Glendon 16in. Tapered Round Planter - Vintage Copper

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16"Dia. x 9.7"H
Base: 7.6"

Faux-Antique Round Planters

The Glendon round flower planters feature a classic tapered round form that has been popular throughout the centuries. They have a lovely ribbed textural surface treatment. And finished off in a stunning Vintage Copper color, you might get tired of friends and guests asking you where you got that lovely antique planter pot. You can keep them guessing, or you can generously tell then that you got it from hooksandlattice.com. And, by the way, it's not actually well-aged copper but a modern new planter constructed from an innovative resin composite material. Who would have guessed that it wasn't handcrafted just for you?

Endless Decorative Planter Options

The Glendon tapered round planters join our collection of heavy-duty resin flower planters. Strong enough to stand up to heavy-traffic commercial applications, these attractive modern planters are also just the thing to complete the decorative scheme right in your own home. This medium-sized planter is designed to accommodate any number of interior or exterior spaces. With a minimal footprint (roughly 7" diameter), it doesn't take up too much floor space so it is great for small areas like offices, dorms, apartments, and balconies. With a wide rim it allows for plenty of planting space (2.5-gallon volume). And if you want to create a complete display, we also offer the Glendon in larger and smaller sizes.

Long-Lasting Round Flower Planters

The look of Vintage Copper with the longevity of resin, what could be better? You can safely employ these durable round planters outdoors or indoors without fear of damage. They are weather-resistant, meaning that they will not fade, crack, or warp in wet weather or direct sun. They are made using double-wall construction for extra strength and insulation for your plants. Resin is also rot-proof and insect-proof. To clean these round flower planters simply hose them off or wipe them with a damp cloth.

16"Dia. x 9.7"H
Base: 7.6"