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Espirit Contemporary Planter

This contemporary small modern planter jazzes up every plant and planter setting. The Espirit planter, 20'' x 20" x 18.7", is a great new contemporary planter. Its unique silhouette uses a natural wave design accented by light reflecting on its richly detailed surface, a winning idea in small modern planters. If you follow design trends, the Espirit's square planter waves will remind you of some of the most exciting architectural designs, including museums, in recent years. Combine that with more emphasis on homes as fewer people move in today's housing market and the wonderful greens and green accents especially popular in home design these days, but ever popular in various shades, and you have a winner, whether inside or out. Shown here in vintage copper, the wave square planter also comes in rich red Sedona, caviar black, Alpine white and fun new blackberry. The simplicity of bathrooms, powder rooms, kitchen and other room lines let this small modern planter shine in your home.

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Espirit Contemporary Planter - Caviar Black
Espirit Contemporary Planter - Alpine White
Espirit Contemporary Planter - Vintage Copper
Perfect indoors or out, the Espirit 20" small modern planter is made of lightweight resin in case you want to have plants outdoors some seasons and indoors others or leave plant containers outdoors over cold winters, includes all drainage needed and is guaranteed against sun fade or cracking for 10 years. Impeccable crafting in a resin planter gives you the look of top grade fiberglass planters. We love the fresh, bold colors that make the Espirit planter even more innovative in the container gardening world, and the quality work in every detail Since this square planter is a design statement in itself, you may especially enjoy one dramatic plant that accentuates its shape and color rather than a plant variety designed to steal the show for the plants. Dependable standbys gain new interest in this contemporary garden planter, and new or unusual plants have a home worthy of their own drama in this excellent choice among modern planters.

Many ferns and grasses work well in the Espirit 20" planter, offering a variety of seasonal colors and interests that keeps the plant as fresh as these wave style small modern planters. You'll need container grasses that adapt well to planters, and most will top out shorter than in the ground. Grasses tend to flop with fertilizer in containers, so don't add it. Some choices include prairie dropseed (Sporobolus), 12"-24", in greens and yellows in warm weather, to pinks and whites for wintering over or as winter interest; Mexican feather grass (Stipa tenuissima) with long-blooming heads from June to August, also 12"-24" with winter interest; blue foliage Festucas that may winter over, with most 2' or shorter; and Carexes, which offer almost every grass shade from limes to varied tans and often thrive in partial shade. There are more. Have fun with a garden catalogue or local garden center. Or choose from dozens of flower varieties for your new planter. For lots of drama, blue annual lobelia will light up Alpine white; pinks, corals and limes sizzle in caviar black; and yellows, reds, oranges and other bright colors pop in Sedona, named after the rich red rocks near Sedona, Arizona, and vintage copper. Whites, creams and many pinks and greens are luscious in blackberry. And these are just a few of the great container ideas for this distinctive wave planter. Enjoy!