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Solerno Round Planters

The classic shape of our Solerno round fiberglass planters lends itself well to a number of different landscape settings. Whether your design plans are understated and traditional, or bold and contemporary, these large commercial planters are a welcome addition. The sleek circular shape highlighted by interesting edging makes this collection of cylinder planters pleasing to even the most discerning eye.

At Planters Unlimited, our fiberglass large commercial planters are built with function and style in mind. Able to handle heavy planting loads, the Solerno cylinder planter is ready to stand up to the toughest commercial-scape placements without the bulkiness. Known for their lightweight construction, our round fiberglass planters are easily movable unlike other commercial-grade containers. In addition, the flexibility of fiberglass allows us to offer attractive cylinder planters in an array of sizes and more than 30 color and finish combinations. Make a statement in a rich burgundy, or play up classic curvature with a simple pearl or buff hue - customization options are sure to please designers and architects alike!

For more information on available sizes, colors and finishes, call customer service at 1-888-320-0626 (7am-5pm PST, M-F).

Solerno Fiberglass Commercial Planter 24in.Dia x 24in.H
Solerno Fiberglass Commercial Planter 30in.Dia x 24in.H
Solerno Fiberglass Commercial Planter 36in.Dia x 30in.H
Solerno Fiberglass Commercial Planter 48in.Dia x 30in.H

Bring classical sophistication to your commercial-scape with the addition of a Solerno round fiberglass planter from Planters Unlimited. With its streamlined curvature and unique edging details, these large commercial planters add a little something more than the usual cylinder planter. Place them alone and create individual focal points with stunning floral arrangements, or incorporate them into a larger landscape plan for tying together a series of spaces. Whatever the vision, interior designers and landscape architects can easily see the possibilities in the streamlined style of the Solerno large commercial planter.

At Planters unlimited, all of our fiberglass planters are built with both versatility and style in mind. As far as large commercial planters are concerned, we understand that the ability to handle heavy planting loads and tough outdoor conditions is crucial. For this reason, each of these cylinder planters is constructed from fiberglass - a material that has quickly become an industry favorite for lightweight commercial planters that hold up to tough climates and live planting demands. The material's flexibility also allows for manufacturers to offer a variety of customization options in size, color and finish which means more options for our customers. Mimic rustic clay pottery with our cypress color option in a textured sand finish, or go for a sleeker contemporary look with a neutral gray in a smooth finish. Easily browse the possibilities by clicking on individual product icons.

In addition to the Solerno round fiberglass planter, our collection of large commercial-grade containers includes a wide variety of other shapes and styles. Comparable options are available in square or rectangular varieties, like the Orvieto style. On top of large commercial planters, we also offer an exclusive assortment of artificial topiaries, faux flowering plants and bushes. If you're looking to incorporate some no-maintenance greenery into your interior or exterior design plans check out our comprehensive collection of commercial artificial plants. Whatever your goals, for further consultation specific to your unique design aesthetic contact one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives today!

For more information on available sizes, colors and finishes, call customer service at 1-888-320-0626 (7am-5pm PST, M-F).