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Scottsdale Tapered Bowl Planters

Give your patio some personality - Shop our large variety of garden planters for sale, right from the comfort of your living room! Their bowl shape works wonders when placed along doorways, on porches, or even on large pillars for a bit of a regal sense of style. Many colors are offered to complement your chosen floral arrangement or exterior motif, and each planter boasts a spacious interior for display of most any flowers, shrubs, or even edible plants.

What makes these southwestern planters truly unique, however, is their durability. They're constructed of anti-shock resin, which is formulated to withstand many types of weather and temperatures while avoiding cracks and other structural issues. Even so, you'll find this material is extremely light when compared to others, so you'll have no problem transporting your plants from outdoor sun to indoor living spaces when needed.

Although they are rugged to maintain their appearance when used in exterior settings, these planters are also suitable for use indoors if desired.

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Scottsdale 16in. Tapered Bowl Planter
Scottsdale 20in. Tapered Bowl Planter
Scottsdale 24in. Tapered Bowl Planter
Scottsdale 30in. Tapered Bowl Planter

Modern Southwestern Planters, Scottsdale Style

The Scottsdale Tapered Bowl Planters reflect all the cultural decor of Southwestern planters, complete with diverse colors to match. Made from materials that stand up in all kinds of punishing heat and cold, these anti-shock resin outdoor planters are extremely lightweight while conveying the look of heft. Outdoor pots made from resin are durable and won't crack or split like other materials can either, they even carry a manufacturer's guarantee! Plus, their lighter weight allows you to move them easily from one location to another. The Scottsdale bowl planters can even look lovely and fine when placed inside: on screened in porches, breezeways, and casual living rooms. In fact, exterior themes incorporating the Scottsdale bowl planters on patios, porches, or lining walkways can complement pots placed just inside the home but in visual range, creating a cohesive styling effect.

Scottsdale Garden Planters for Sale Online

Our Scottsdale garden planters for sale online come in a variety of colors, eight to be exact, reflecting a southwestern sensibility. From a cool sage to a lively citrus and more, each shade fits perfectly in like-minded color schemes. And because they are frost, fade and impact resistant, they preserve their color for many years regardless of where they are placed. Buy several of these garden pots and planters in different shades and change color combinations when the seasons change. Or cluster several of the same color in strategic locations with complementary colors on opposite sides of a patio or room. The spacious interior of the Scottsdale provides an ample environment for a wide variety of plants and flowers.

Benefits of Resin Planters

As already noted above, there are several benefits to using resin planters around your home and garden. Besides their lightweight portability that makes them easier to move about (even when filled), they can also mimic planters made of heavier materials such as terra cotta, stone, or concrete. Yet with their mimic capability, they are far more economical to buy. Their ability to withstand weather extremes also makes them essentially unbreakable, if cared for properly, although they require little if any maintenance. Scottsdale resin planters are non-porous so they won't leak or stain concrete or other kinds of floors. To ensure proper drainage, we suggest adding proper drainage material or liners (sold elsewhere on this site.)