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Populated Trellises & Space Dividers in Fiberglass Planters

Discover a new alternative to traditional space dividers with our outdoor artificial plants. Lush and lifelike, our Morning Glory, Ivy, or Azalea Trellis and Fiberglass Planter designs double as decoration and privacy screening for any exterior space. Great for use as:

  • Sidewalk café barriers
  • Entryway delineation
  • Rooftop, deck and patio privacy
  • Hiding unsightly walls or fences.

Outdoor artificial plants are constructed using only the highest grade synthetics with integrated UV protection. Fade resistance means space dividers keep their gorgeous coloration longer. Artificial Ivy, Morning Glory, and Azalea trellises are available to purchase with a choice of red, white and pink flowers, or in a flowerless green vine style.

In heavy traffic applications like restaurant and sidewalk café barriers, both fake plants and fiberglass containers hold up with commercial-grade strength. Each faux azalea trellis is also virtually maintenance-free to yield long-term savings.

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3'L Azalea Trellis Artificial Outdoor Space Divider in Fiberglass Planter
4'L Azalea Trellis Artificial Outdoor Space Divider in Fiberglass Planter
5'L Azalea Trellis Artificial Outdoor Space Divider in Fiberglass Planter
6'L Azalea Trellis Artificial Outdoor Space Divider in Fiberglass Planter
7'L Azalea Trellis Artificial Outdoor Space Divider in Fiberglass Planter
8'L Azalea Trellis Artificial Outdoor Space Divider in Fiberglass Planter
English Ivy Trellis Space Divider in Fiberglass Planter 36inL x 12inW x 72inH

Now, enjoy the lushness of "green" space dividers with the convenience of outdoor artificial plants. Our gorgeous ivy, morning glory, and azalea trellises combine realistic fake plants and heavy duty fiberglass containers for the ultimate low-maintenance design solution. And with our morning glory vines and azaleas you get to choose from five vibrant flower colors.

Defining Space in a Modern Way

Discover the potential of artificial plant trellises for both commercial and residential projects. When it comes to laying out exterior space, there is no method to delineate, screen or beautify that works more naturally than vertical green plants. Faux azalea arrangements just make it simpler to install and maintain modern spaces. No live plant upkeep or ongoing maintenance costs. saving you an immeasureable amount of money, over time.

Commercial designers look to low maintenance fake plants as smart sidewalk café barriers, control for foot traffic, entryway markers, walkway enhancements, and more.

For luxury homes, outdoor artificial plants make ideal space dividers for living areas like patios, rooftop decks and urban balconies. Not to mention a gorgeous backdrop for al fresco dining, private terraces and green gardens.

Redefining Artificial Plant Realism

Our faux azalea trellises aren't your average fake plant. Same goes for the realistic fake ivy trellis and morning glories we offer. Each display is commercial-grade through and through, and designed to achieve the highest level of realism. Here's how it's done:

  • Manufactured using only the highest quality synthetic and genuine plant materials
  • Superior attention to detail for botanically correct trunks, stems, foliage and flowers
  • Natural wooden branches made of dogwood provide a solid base for authenticity
  • Choose a color - pink, red and white flowers or a non-flowering green vine
  • Realistic, densely woven foliage provides a lifelike effect and great coverage
  • Outdoor artificial plants are durable and feature UV-resistant fade protection.

Add to that the clean, modern feel of fiberglass planters, and the design potential is undeniable. Set up trellises as dining and restaurant barriers for outdoor shopping malls, Main Street storefronts, hotels and more. Luxury resorts may also employ faux plant space dividers for open air seating, pool decks and guest walkways. It's a smart, long-term investment for any property.

For additional information, or to request pricing on custom trellis space dividers, please call toll-free: 1-888-320-0626