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Speakeasy Grille

As evidenced by its name, a Speakeasy Grille is inspired by the door and window grilles of Prohibition days, when screening patrons at secret watering holes was a must. Each door grille featured here embodies that feeling of intrigue, and brings a special something to wooden doors, gates, window shutters and garage doors.

Although this door grille collection is unlikely to be applied for its historical purpose - preventing an unwanted police raid - door and window grilles do provide a look of added security to passageways and portals. On top of that, a Speakeasy Grille brings an extra level of detail to home architecture that transforms regular shutters, doors and gates into alluring assets to curb appeal.

Each Speakeasy Grille style is made from quality iron in flat, square or round bar configurations. For durability and resilience in outdoor applications, each has a powder coated finish in either black or brown rust.

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Square Bar Fancy Twist Grille - Flat Black
Flat Bar Fish Tail Grille - Flat Black
Vertical Bar Twist Grille - Flat Black
Square Bar Flat Tail Grille - Flat Black
Square Bar Fish Tail Grille - Flat Black
Round Bar Fancy Grille - Flat Black
Grapevine Cluster Grille - Flat Black
The Roaring 20's may be long over, but this collection of Speakeasy Grille designs features door and window grilles with Prohibition-inspired mystery and wonder. A distant relative of door grille styles utilized for entryway screening to underground establishments from 1920-1933, each Speakeasy Grille found online at Hooks & Lattice embodies a similar sense of strength but without a severe, guarded feeling.

Each of the door and window grilles pictured above is made from high-quality, durable iron. With various Speakeasy Grille styles to choose from, options include designs made from square, round or flat bar iron and in simple or more ornate configurations. All are given a powder coated finish that looks elegant and also provides a resilient shield to decay from outdoor elements. Whether applied as a front door grille, or as window grilles mounted to wooden shutters, these decorative accents hold up well in any climate.

A Speakeasy Grille can be utilized in a range of different ways for an added level of curb appeal. Most commonly used as a door grille for wooden passageways, many homeowners, gardeners, landscapers and architects like to use grilles on garden gates, front doors, side doors and gates, and even garage doors.

Historically utilized to peer through portals and verify a visitor's identity, these pieces are mainly decorative in present day. However, door and window grilles do provide a certain look of security from the street and sidewalk. This combined air of design detail and strength makes each Speakeasy Grille a truly modern take on historical gridirons.

To order door and window grilles online, simply click on a desired product design, verify dimensions are favorable, and choose any available options, such as color. Most grilles come with a choice of a flat black or brown rust finish. Ordering a Speakeasy Grille online from Hooks & Lattice is a secure, convenient way to bring interesting detail to a home, small office building, or a neighborhood storefront. Quality materials and unique design make for an alluring custom detail that is easy, affordable and available - all right here online at Hooks & Lattice.

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