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Winterbud & Preserved Lavender Wreath -18 Inch

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18 Inch Diameter

A Unique, Contemporary Winter Wreath
This lovely winterbud and preserved lavender wreath is a pretty reminder that natural floral beauty and persistent life can be found even in the cold winter season. After the leaves have fallen from the trees and the flowers have gone into hibernation for the winter, these wreaths for front door, window, or wall decoration show that stunning floral joy can still be found even during this quiet season of rest. Showcasing tiny winter buds and preserved lavender sprigs, this fall or winter wreath is a unique and elegant way to decorate for the season.

Celebrate the Rebirth of Spring
Unlike generic store-bought wreaths made from cheap plastic or silk, our seasonal wreaths are handmade by skilled floral artisans. This charming wintertime wreath features an intertwining array of delicate preserved lavender buds in a soft purple hue combined with the pastel greenery of winterbud branches. Winterbuds are the young buds of trees that form in the summer and rest latent in the winter as they await rebirth in the spring. They make this wreath a true symbol of the miracle of nature, showing that new life can be found even in the cold and snowy weather. This finely crafted wreath will preserve that feeling for years to come.

Delicate Lavender Buds Become Art
The winterbud and preserved lavender wreath takes a welcome step away from the usual warm fall colors or traditional red and green of Christmas décor, giving you a delicately romantic decoration that is versatile enough to be displayed year round. This simple floral wreath can be used as so much more than a front door ornament. Delight guests at your next holiday party by displaying this whimsical wreath horizontally on your serving table or sideboard with a glowing candle in its center. Or add a one-of-a-kind wall hanging to interior spaces, like a kitchen, dining room, or bathroom. Wreaths fade over time; explore preserved and artificial versions to reduce or prevent fading.

18 Inch Diameter