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Niguel Square Planters

Color your garden in bright, beautiful tones with one of our handsomely crafted Niguel Square Planters. We offer these outdoor square planters in three designer colors: bright green Pistachio, deep purple Eggplant and pale blue Periwinkle. Each color option combines beautifully with the slatted look of the outdoor planter box, making it a bold twist on a traditional design. Although the planters resemble wood, they are actually constructed out of anti-shock resin, making them far more durable and resistant to the effects of inclement weather. The material is also UV resistant, which guards against color fading when the planter is exposed to the sun.

Whether you're planting shrubs, trees, root vegetables or colorful flowers, the Niguel Square Planters put foliage on display. Four feet elevate the planter slightly off of the ground to prevent damage to decks and patios, and add to visual appeal. You can shop all of our patio planters online, or simply call to speak with one of our customer service representatives about alternative options, bulk orders, and recommendations for the best ways to decorate your backyard.

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Niguel 18in. Square Planter in Pistachio
Niguel 18in. Square Planter in Eggplant
Niguel 18in. Square Planter in Periwinkle

Thinking about new patio planters to liven up outdoor living spaces? The Niguel Planter Box combines practical vinyl construction and smart design, making it a low-maintenance addition to any container gardening repertoire. And talk about color! These beauties are certainly memorable in shades of purple, blue and green.

Square planters with pizazz.

Don't limit your outdoor planter box search to basic neutral containers. It's time to let color loose.

Choosing a standout tone for yard, garden and patio planters brings about new and exciting options. Picture a periwinkle blue garden container creating beautiful contrast with a bed of white flowers. Or pistachio green set against equally bold purple blooms. In nature, it's all about color, texture and shape - so just follow the example!

Not just a pretty square planter.

The Niguel comes ready to perform. Made of top-grade, anti-shock resin materials, these planter boxes are equipped to handle outdoor wear and tear. And they do so without any need for additional lining or routine maintenance. Vinyl flower and vegetable planters will not rot, mold or mildew like wood can. No warping or cracking either. To boot, boxes are lightweight for easier movement and storage as desired. A 1-year limited warranty backs product performance.

Versatility, period.

Use it as a vegetable planter. And a small flower box to accent patio corners. Or, how about on a front stoop to add botanical accents to your entryway? Vinyl planter boxes can go anywhere and be most anything. The Niguel's design features generous depth to allow for solid root development. So that small herb plot you've had in the back of your mind will be right at home in this container.

Vinyl planters are also great for kids' garden projects - the material is safe and easy to work with. And capped corner posts help to cut down on sharp edges. Whatever the project, these outdoor planter boxes make for fun, simple and colorful container gardening in any corner of your home.