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Niguel Raised Planter Boxes

Give your garden a raise and help to ensure the very best results from your planting efforts with our Niguel Raised Planter Boxes. Raised planter boxes make it easy to plant and care for herbs, vegetables and flowers by keeping them easily within reach. Sold in Periwinkle blue, Eggplant purple and Pistachio green, the elevated outdoor planter is available in three sizes and comes with dividers to create two, three or four planting compartments depending on the size. Warrantied for 1 year, the garden planters are fashioned out of resin and are injection molded for a classic slatted design.

Have a school garden program that needs outdoor planters? These are a favorite of schools nationwide for use leading kids gardening projects. Whether you're a teacher, parent or anyone in between, you can't find a better way to teach children about where their food comes from, and the lifecycles of plants than in the garden!

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Niguel 36in. Raised Planter in Periwinkle
Niguel 36in. Raised Planter in Eggplant
Niguel 48in. Raised Planter in Periwinkle
Niguel 34in. Raised Planter in Periwinkle
Niguel 34in. Raised Planter in Pistachio
Niguel 34in. Raised Planter in Eggplant

Hike up vegetable garden boxes and flower beds using raised planter boxes. The Niguel Elevated Outdoor Planter boasts both beauty and brawn, stemming from its colorful finishing on top of no-nonsense vinyl construction. Take your pick of three charming hues and instantly enjoy vibrant, low-maintenance container gardening.

Raised planters that raise the bar.

When it comes to success in modern container planting, one can't say enough about vinyl garden boxes. Whether potting flowers, herbs, veggies or vines, raised planters made of injection molded, anti-shock resin create the perfect growing environment. Not to mention the Niguel's easy on the eyes, budget and back. Plants love them, people love them - elevated outdoor planters are the ticket to newfound success in the garden.

Both plant and user-friendly.

Raised planters made of vinyl take on the look of slatted wood planks freshly coated with bright paint. Classic garden favorite, right? The advantage is that vinyl materials remain virtually free of maintenance from season to season. Unlike wood that can require sanding, resurfacing and repainting, anti-shock resins remain unchanged by the elements. In moist conditions, there's no rot or mildew. In sunny displays, no fading. And replacing cracked or warped planks will never be a concern. Plus, raised planter boxes come ready for direct potting - no added lining required. Product performance is backed by a 1-year limited warranty for added peace of mind.

So, that's why people love vinyl raised planters. What about the botanicals, edibles and greens?

The elevated format is great for creating vegetable garden boxes and floral arrangements. It gives the grower maximum control over soil quality and content, while reducing the overall volume of soil needed to get results. Plants immediately take to the environment as their roots sprawl out comfortably within the Niguel's generous cavity.

Less hunching, more harvesting.

An elevated outdoor planter brings the garden up to a more comfortable level. And the Niguel comes complete with dividers, making it an ideal container for creating a multi-herb, flower and vegetable garden box. So, get gardening, with less strain while tending beds.