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Niguel Rectangular Planters | Outdoor Planter Boxes for Container Gardening

Color your exterior with the vibrant hues of the Niguel Rectangular Planters, a line of vinyl planter boxes that have timeless designs in modern colors that are sure to attract attention. These fun rectangular planters comes in six different styles: three that are elevated on tall legs and three that are low to the ground. You can easily mix and match the sizes to create eye-catching container gardens on a porch, patio or deck or display one on its own to make a colorful statement. Crafted out of anti-shock resin, the planters are UV resistant and sold in Pistachio green, Eggplant purple and Periwinkle blue in each of the six styles.

You can shop all planters online - these sizes are great for growing deeply rooted vegetables and herbs. The deep planting space of the containers coupled with the option to go with an elevated design makes them popular planters for school gardens and projects that involve teaching lifecycles and where food comes from.

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Niguel 24in. Rectangular Planter in Pistachio
Niguel 24in. Rectangular Planter in Eggplant
Niguel 24in. Rectangular Planter in Periwinkle
Niguel 34in. Rectangular Planter in Pistachio
Niguel 34in. Rectangular Planter in Eggplant
Niguel 34in. Rectangular Planter in Periwinkle

Paint your landscape with the Niguel Outdoor Planters made of lightweight, anti-shock resin. This beauty of a planter box comes in three lively shades and a choice of a low or elevated profile. Great for creating edible gardens or bountiful green and floral arrangements.

Vinyl planter boxes are the bee's knees.

At a glance, the Niguel Rectangular Planters look like slatted wood with a fresh coat of paint. Their true construction, however, is much lower maintenance and weather resistant than wooden planks. Each outdoor planter is made of a quality-grade, anti-shock resin that is both lightweight and highly durable. Forget about mildew, fading, rot, warping and splitting, plus containers come with a 1-year limited warranty. And as for painting - put away your scraper, sander, brushes and paint cans. This rectangular planter holds its color season after season without a single minute spent resurfacing.

Outdoor planters of a different color.

Looking to make a vivid impression on front porches, patios, lawns and landings? The Niguel Planter Box comes in unique hues including pistachio green, eggplant purple and periwinkle blue. Not your average white flower box. These standout colors make a statement even before plants are added. Just picture the finished product.

Deep enclosures for sturdy root structures.

When it comes to filling outdoor planters with herbs, veggies, small trees and shrubs, not all garden containers are created equal. Developing roots need a little room and that's just what the Niguel Rectangular Planters provide. Boxes feature plenty of depth for gardeners to establish roots that dig deep. Plus, vinyl planters come in a choice of low-profile or elevated heights to offer container growers the option of displaying flat to the ground or raised above it.

What else could you ask for?

How 'bout high-end finishes through and through, down to the last capped corner post? The Niguel Vinyl Planter Boxes are sure to yield season after season of enjoyment without messy maintenance. Oh, and they're great for gardening kiddos too - safe and easy to tend.