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Jardin 14in. Tapered Square Planter - Vintage Copper

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14" x 14"H
Base: 9.2"

Faux-Vintage Copper Flower Pots

Employ these eye-catching square garden planters indoors or outdoors in any type of climate to give your building one-of-a-kind curb appeal. They have a simple shape that is a perfect match for your favorite type of décor, whether that's traditional, modern, or eclectic. A wonderfully textural etched surface treatment gives them an extra bit of visual interest while a discreet and sophisticated Vintage Copper color gives them the look of handmade ceramic art. And even though they look like fragile stoneware, these planters are actually incredibly durable. Made from resin, they can withstand whatever life the surrounding environment has to throw at them, including rain, insects, and busy foot traffic.

Long-Lasting Square Garden Planters

What makes this large outdoor tapered planter so long lasting? It is made from an innovative resin composite material. This resin material can be made to mimic any natural material - like the Vintage Copper seen here - but is far more durable, lightweight, and cost effective than actual stone or metal. Even in the large 3.44-gallon capacity size, this planter can be easily lifted and moved. And unlike metal or ceramic it won't deteriorate over time. Resin is resistant to rot and insects, anti-shock, and impervious to weather damage like extreme sun and wet conditions. That lovely copper color won't fade over time (color backed up by a 10-year manufacturer's warranty).

Indoor or Outdoor Tapered Planter Pot

This beautiful, artfully mottled Vintage Copper outdoor tapered planter is the perfect match for a natural setting on your porch or patio, garden or flowerbed. It blends in well with organic scenery, especially when filled with lush and lively flowers and plants. The tall tapered shape of these square garden planters just calls for trailing ivies and bushy shrubs. Even in indoor settings, these planters can bring a welcome taste of the outdoors. Fill them with artificial plants for a completely maintenance-free option.

14" x 14"H
Base: 9.2"