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33in. Grass in Square Bamboo Planter

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Stunning Tabletop Arrangements

At Hooks & Lattice we offer decorative solutions for any type of space, no matter how large or how small. One of our specialties is artificial plants that offer you a touch of fresh and elegant decorative inspiration without any of the fuss. In our collection of attractive tabletop arrangements, this fake grass in a bamboo planter is a sure hit for any type of décor. It has a natural sophistication to it with a simple spray of green and yellow in a warm brown wooden planter. Set this bamboo planter on a table or counter or display it right on the floor in your foyer or hallway. Either way, it is sure to brighten the space.

Ready-to-Display Garden Combo

This ornamental grass and planter combination comes to you all ready to display on that empty tabletop in your kitchen, entryway, or dining room. In a beautiful two-tone finish the square wood planter creates a warm focal point. It is made from real sustainably harvested bamboo and has an intriguing tapered shape. A real moss topper adds to the realistic look of this tabletop arrangement as the bright green grass leads the eye upward to golden yellow buds.

Lifelike Fake Grass

Ornamental fake grass is both a versatile and maintenance-free solution to your decorative dilemmas. This arrangement adds a dramatic element of height and width with a simple color scheme. Whether you are going for a rustic organic feel or a contemporary minimalist look, our artificial grass planter is sure to be a hit. And the best part about his faux plant is that it is stunningly lifelike. Our floral artists pull off such a high level of botanical realism, in fact, that you may not even know this isn't real grass until you reach out and touch it. Unlike live grasses and plants, this arrangement can thrive for years with no maintenance whatsoever (aside from the occasional dusting).

33" x 22"