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Square Modern Low Bowl Planters

Square Modern Low Bowl Planters

Offering a contemporary twist on a traditional commercial planter, the Square Modern Low Bowl Planter combines a classic low-profile design with edgy elements. Suited to a variety of commercial and residential applications in indoor and outdoor settings, these tapered square planters are perfect when you want to plant without blocking sight lines. The smaller sizes of this versatile low bowl planter can perch atop pedestals and tables, while the larger ones can accent open plazas and terraces with ample room for flowers and greenery.

Artificial Succulents Shown in Modern Tapered Planter:

Interested in custom sizes? Call to inquire:

18" Square x 5"H Modern Low Bowl Planter
24" Square x 6"H Modern Low Bowl Planter
30" Square x 8"H Modern Low Bowl Planter
36" Square x 9"H  Modern Low Bowl Planter
42" Square x 10"H Modern Low Bowl Planter
48" Square x 11"H Modern Low Bowl Planter
54" Square x 11"H Modern Low Bowl Planter
60" Square x 11"H Modern Low Bowl Planter
72" Square x 13"H Modern Low Bowl Planter

The Elegant Square Modern Low Bowl Planters

Low bowl planters offer an elegant ambiance to any space when set on pedestals, outdoor columns, long tables, and terraced gardens. With untold beauty, these large fiberglass planters provide ample planting space for showcasing succulents, low-growth petite flowers and more. Their low key presence is anything but low key. On the contrary. These square planters serve up plenty of style by their very profile that is festive and fun. From a modest square base, their abundant flared planting area can display vibrantly colored flowers, foliage and trailing vines. As such, our Modern low bowl planters add more than a touch of classic styling to hotels, restaurants, indoor courtyards. They also make the perfect complement to theater entrances, public plazas, city hall and other public spaces.

Outdoor Commercial Planters Also for Indoor Use

Each of our square modern low bowl planters come with pre-drilled drainage holes. These keep plant roots sufficiently free of excess moisture that could otherwise create root rot or plant 'drowning'. Yet these sophisticated planters can also be used indoors. If setting on atrium floors, columns, pedestals or tables, the low bowl can be ordered without drainage holes. And inside or out, these fiberglass containers provide years of decorative accents for your decor. One of the beauties of fiberglass containers is they don't rot, warp, chip, crack or peel regardless of extreme fluctuations in temperatures, wind or rain. Even blistering sun and heat does not affect them. Available in nine sizes, two dozen colors and four finishes, the square low bowl can be custom manufactured to match any design scheme you have.

Additional Customization Options Abound

Besides size, color and finish, with additional customization options you can have your logo imprinted to the sides of the low bowl planter. It's a way to increase brand awareness and add an architectural element at the same time. Another unique feature that will set your business apart is to add LED lights that further showcase these angular containers. With so many choices for these stately yet chic square low bowl planters, you can definitely have the kind of functionality and elegant plant containers you've always wanted. For further information, please call 888-320-0626 to speak with a design specialist today.