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Naples Square Planters

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Naples Square Fiberglass Planters

Because of the wide range of commercial uses for the Naples planters, we ship them to clients who use them for a variety of different purposes. The large square footprint lends itself well to any application where vast spaces need to be divided or defined to make them more functional or visually interesting. The width of the design works exceptionally well in a large lobby, alongside a broad boardwalk, or in a wide medium or island between two lanes of traffic. The width of the Naples is also convenient when planting trees and plants with root systems that may not have deep taproots but instead need space for more horizontal growth extended outward toward their drip lines.

The clean and linear Naples - with its angular shape - can be strategically placed in order to create corners and border perimeters. Use these planters to divide a large parking lot into several designated sections - such as long term versus short term or general versus valet parking. They can instantly delineate a boundary line between two separate properties where fences or other features are not appropriate. Place them in a row, for instance, and they form an instant tree line or other organic line of demarcation.Call for availability and prices.


24" Square x 18"H Naples Square Planter
24" Square x 24"H Naples Square Planter
30" Square x 24"H Naples Square Planter
30" Square x 30"H Naples Square Planter
36" Square x 36"H Naples Square Planter
48" Square x 36"H Naples Square Planter
60" Square x 36"H Naples Square Planter
72" Square x 36"H Naples Square Planter
Naples Square Low Bowl Planters