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Argos Fiberglass Planter on Pedestal

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Transform your property into an urban oasis with the addition of commercial fiberglass bowl planters. The Argos Fiberglass Planter on Pedestal is designed to make a statement and draw attention to plantings. Its square low bowl design is unique and integrates easily into nearly any architectural style. Lightweight and durable, commercial fiberglass planters are built to last and are a smart alternative to heavy concrete or metal planters.
Each of the Argos planter is one continuous piece, tapering from the squared prominent corners to a substantial integrated pedestal that will elevate your container garden, making it an eye-catching centerpiece of your landscape design.

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Argos Fiberglass Planter on Pedestal 72in.L x 72in.W x 27in.H

Classic Commercial Square Planter

Elevate your gardening with the Argos pedestal planter. The Argos is a simple square planter that is accentuated with a tapered pedestal base that heightens the planter both stylistically and physically. Large planters like the Argos are great for breaking up foyers and expansive concrete areas. The heightened design lets the plants and flowers take center stage.

Sustainable Fountains

Low bowl planters are very similar, stylistically, to fountains and architects have begun to use them in place of fountains in their designs. When planted with tall wispy plants like grasses and lavender the illusion is completed. Fountains require constant maintenance and installation is much more difficult than that of an outdoor planter. Next time you are considering a fountain, consider a green plant "fountain" in a durable fiberglass bowl.

Superior Fiberglass Bowl Planters

Commercial fiberglass planters are the perfect solution for the rigors and demands of an outdoor planter. Fiberglass makes the planter lightweight so delivery and installation costs are lowered, and often doesn't require the use of special machinery. Concrete, wooden and metal planters are susceptible to the elements and after years of being outside will begin to crack, rot, rust and deteriorate. Fiberglass however is inherently water resistant and is not affected by temperature fluctuations or extreme heat and cold. Our fiberglass planters will continue to shine long after other materials have failed.

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