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Verano Fiberglass Planter on Pedestal

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Add interest and value to your commercial property with the Verano Fiberglass Planter on Pedestal. Usually seen in round vs. square, low bowl planters are can handle plants of any size, unlike the majority of low bowls available. Complete with an integrated pedestal, the Verano design is easy to integrate with any architecture. The strong top trim transitions to a smooth, rounded bowl that ends at the squared base, creating a dramatic centerpiece for office courtyards, hotel entrances or shopping malls. Commercial fiberglass planters are durable, lightweight and there is so much freedom of design the possibilities are really limitless.

The Verano outdoor planters come with drainage holes, and are available online in your choice of over 25 colors, textures and now in ArmoreCoat real metal coatings like corten steel, aluminum and copper.

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Verano Fiberglass Planter on Pedestal 34in.L x 34in.W x 14in.H

The Verano: The Ultimate In Low Bowl Planters

Striking and contemporary, The Verano is the ultimate in low bowl commercial fiberglass planters. Its low bowl design is set on its own pedestal to create an elegant rendering of bygone eras while style presenting an ultra-modern look with its three-foot wide bowl contours. Elegant and shapely, the Verano's bowl has a roomy stretch that is bordered by the square edge that surrounds it. All this roominess allows the Verano to handle plants of any size, and lots of them. Plus, the round versus square integration of its construction lets designers use it in a wide variety of decor themes, from an antiquities look to modern.

Because the combination of round and square shapes in the Verano's design, interior and exterior designers alike love to include the Verano in a wide variety of environments with other large outdoor planters. Its versatility is a great asset combined with over twenty-five colors available. Plus, because we offer numerous textures, the Verano is perfect if you want the look and feel of lightweight metal planters but without all the bulk. In fact, our ArmoreCoat process actually provides a veneer of real metal such as aluminum, copper, bronze and corten steel. We even offer sandstone and stucco style textures.

Versatile For All Exterior Designs

And even though our textures and surfaces make these round planters look heavy, they aren't heavy. This makes the Verano not just versatile but also more portable planter. Perfect for hotel entrances or courtyards, in front of shopping malls, hospitals, public libraries, sports arenas, and city halls, this low bowl planter presents endless design possibilities with a wide variety of architectural styles. What's more, convenient drainage holes allows excess water to drain so your plants won't suffer from root rot.

And the Verano is customizable too. Besides numerous colors and finishes that are standard, our design specialists can recreate all the masculine edges juxtaposed with the elegant feline shapes in whatever size you need. No job is too large or small for us to undertake. Give us a call and let us know what your design requirements are for your next project.