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Natoma 14in. Square Tapered Planters

Our Natoma Planters are rotationally molded out of a lightweight anti shock resin that will provide years of carefree beauty and elegance. These Natoma Planters will never crack in the winter, or fade in the glare of summer, as this material has been fabricated to protect against inclement weather and ultraviolet rays. The top rim of our planters are rolled deep to provide sturdiness and give the look of handcrafted artistry. Pre-drilled drainage holes come on every Natoma Planter to ensure healthy roots and beautiful plants. Backed by a 10 year limited warranty against fading or cracking.
  • Has plugs, making it ideal for indoor use and for hooking up to fountain pumps
  • Made of a lightweight anti-shock resin material
  • Has a 10 year limited warranty against cracking and fading

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Natoma 14in. Square Tapered Planters - Wasabi
Natoma 14in. Square Tapered Planters - Caviar Black
Natoma 14in. Square Tapered Planters - Vintage Copper

Natoma 14" Square Planters - Tapered Makes the Difference.

The Natoma 14" Tapered Square Planters serve up just the right amount of elegance and spirit. Compact, lightweight and stalwart, these outdoor planter beauties are made from ultra resistant resin that keeps them pristine-looking year after year. Narrower at the base, their clean, crisp lines gently curve up to the top before taking a bow slightly inward, four corner style. Our lovely square plant containers provide a generous amount of space for all kinds of colorful flowers. Their Caviar Black and Vintage Copper color schemes with their unique textures are just perfect for showcasing vivid green grasses, vines, and succulents too.

Square Plant Pots As You Like Them

The Natoma square plant pots are nearly indestructible due to the anti-shock resin they are made from. They are maintenance free and won't crack, chip or warp, while being additionally UV-protected against fading from sun exposure. Sporting subtle grooves for an enhanced aesthetics, should they collect a bit of dust, simply rinse off with a light spray or wipe with a damp cloth. It's that easy. They come with pre-drilled drainage holes to keep roots from saturation. If using indoors, they also come with plugs to prevent leaks and spills. Easily hook up to fountain pumps too. Or add a self-watering reservoir and keep plants hydrated up to two weeks, depending on weather conditions and plant species. Each Natoma planter is backed up by a 10 year limited warranty. You can be confident these planters will last and last.

Dress Up the Patio and More

The handsome good looks of the Natoma 14" Square Tapered Planters add beauty and curb appeal no matter where they are set. Dress up the back patio to enhance your exterior decor. Place on the front porch, near stairs or along walkways to boost your home's curb appeal out front. Group several in clusters to create a container garden effect. Or set in key locations as a single yet elegant focal point in corners or to dress up an otherwise empty area. There's no end to the designs you can can create with the Natoma planters. For additional information, please call 800-896-0978 to speak with a design specialist today.