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Jardin Tapered Square Planters

Tapered planters have a pleasing contour that goes beyond the usual square planter. Instead of boxy and boring, the Jardin Square Tapered Planters are interesting and elegant. On top of that, they are durable resin garden planters that will last for seasons to come. Choose from antique bronze, pewter and black finish for the desired effect or to match an existing color profile.

Each of the resin garden planters in this collection is made using a rotational molding process. The result is quality, tapered planters with a uniform distribution of material that surpasses containers built by any other method. Although built from plastic materials, the Jardin Tapered Square Planter more closely resembles charming ceramic pottery. Construction and finishing techniques take care to reinforce this feeling, and the product speaks for itself. These resin garden planters will have you double-checking the material just to make sure it is what you think: affordable, attractive and long-lasting anti-shock resin.

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Jardin 14in. Tapered Square Planter - Antique Bronze
Jardin 14in. Tapered Square Planter - Caviar Black
Jardin 14in. Tapered Square Planter - Wasabi
Jardin 14in. Tapered Square Planter - Vintage Copper
The square tapered resin garden planters pictured above feature a charming silhouette and a low-maintenance disposition. In fact, each of the Jardin Square Tapered Planters looks more like terra cotta pottery than plastic, but unlike artwork, comes with a 10-year limited warranty against fading and cracking. Not bad for a moderately sized square planter carrying a minimal price tag.

When it comes to purchasing a square planter, going with the usual economy containers will equate to no personality. Although your flowers and plants do much of the talking, resin garden planters can also add a little something to landscapes when chosen correctly. Tapered planters are a pleasing alternative to perfect geometric squares and rectangles because their outline features just the right amount of drama. Where a regular square planter fails to warrant a second glance, the Jardin Tapered Planters encourage eyes to focus on their interesting curvature and ultimately your garden arrangements.

Available here in a 14" square, as these are tapered planters the footprint narrows down to a measurement of 9.2"" around the bottom. This slight disparity ensures the container is sturdy but that the difference in dimensions is noticeable enough to produce an interesting visual effect. The rotational molding process utilized for resin garden planters warrants that the thickness of container walls is uniform for a stable placement on hardtop surfaces. While the Jardin Tapered Square Planters are a natural choice for patios, front porches, decks and verandas, they can also be placed directly on a lawn or on top of soil where the surface is made even.

Each of the resin garden planters featured above is sold with pre-drilled holes for drainage. With this feature, tapered planters arrive ready to be potted and watered. Online customers will also see that the Jardin design comes in a choice of three different finishes: pewter, black or antique bronze. Based on the tone of your architecture and landscape, warm or cool tones may be better suited.

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