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Standard Grade Wood Finials

Design for use as sign post finials, this collection of Standard Grade Wood Finials is made from a treated wooden material that works in exterior or interior applications. As traditionally shaped ball finials, these pieces are an effortless complement to a range of wooden posts like front porch or deck railings. Also, due to treatment with a color wood preservative, post finials in this standard grade quality are ready to take and retain your paint or stain color.

The wood finials featured here are an affordable way to add an extra level of detail to wooden posts, including sign posts used to display commercial placards. By making a small addition of ball finials, posts are transformed from an afterthought to a valuable architectural accent. For sizing, simply measure the diameter of your mounting surface and match Standard Grade Wood Finials to that dimension. If required, wood post caps are also available for a seamless attachment.

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3" B1 Wood Ball Finial - Standard Grade
4" B3 Wood Ball Finial - Standard Grade
5" B2 Wood Ball Finial - Standard Grade
4"x4" Square Wood Post Cap
Affordable but impactful, our Standard Grade Wood Finials are a collection of classic ball finials that put an attractive finishing touch on wooden railings, posts, outdoor furniture or Post & Panel sign brackets. Post finials are an easy and economical tool for adding a designer element to otherwise usual posts. And, as treated wood finials with a color preservative, each piece is also suited to interior or exterior applications.

To choose the ball finials appropriate for your project, first measure the post diameter to which they will be affixed. Our Standard Grade Wood Finials are available to be ordered online in popular sizes, and if a different size not pictured online is required, please call one of our knowledgeable project managers to determine whether or not custom wood finials can be created. In addition to our post finials in this standard grade quality, furniture grade pieces are also available in another product category via Sign Bracket Store.

When it comes to post finials, embellished round shapes are perhaps the most classically utilized silhouettes. Ball finials make for an understated addition to a range of wooden posts including garden gates, deck railings, front porches, mailbox posts, and even the Post & Panel Sign Brackets for commercial signage applications. In short, if you have a post that needs a little extra something, affordable wood finials are an attractive way to go - both aesthetically and practically.

Each product in this category is finished with a virtually undetectable color wood preservative that creates a willing canvas for post finials to except a range of paint and stain colors. Rather than straining to purchase finials that match your already existing project, simply choose Standard Grade Wood Finials and brush them with the required layers of paint or stain. This makes for easy cohesion where finishing touches are needed and a color palette already exists.

For specific product measurements, details on price and estimated shipment times, please click on individual wood ball finials above. To discuss custom needs or a bulk order of Standard Grade Wood Finials with one of our project managers, your toll free call is welcome at 1-888-919-7446 (M-F, 7am-5pm PST)