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Modern Square Cast Stone Planter - 24in.L x 24in.W x 24in.H

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24"L x 24"W x 24"H

Live plants bring a touch of calming beauty to any space. There's just something about lush greenery that lifts the spirits and makes people feel more at easy. Unfortunately, it's not always possible to incorporate nature into urban spaces, especially when square footage is limited. So how do you solve this problem? Meet our Cast Stone Planter Collection. These natural-looking precast stone planters are the perfect solution for adding live plants to your commercial or municipal space, even when you don't have the room for more traditional landscaping.

Add a myriad of flowers and vines to these durable planters to give your sidewalk a splash of color. Enhance the bland grey of any cityscape. You can even use these square planters for trees; at 24" square by 24" tall they are just the right size for dwarf fruit trees, ornamental trees, shrubs, and topiaries. Imagine these versatile planters in an attractive stone white finish flanking the doorway of your urban hotel or restaurant, housing elegant Japanese maples or delicate dwarf cherry trees. These modern planters are made from a combination of cement and fiberglass material, so they are lightweight and easily movable but still have the look and feel of real stone.

24"L x 24"W x 24"H

GFRC vs. Fiberstone - Finding the right material for your application.

What is GFRC?
Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement (GFRC) is a cement composite material that is composed of high-quality cement, glass fibers and other resins to increase strength and durability. GFRC planters look and feel exactly like conventional concrete, cement or stone but are much lighter weight - about 75% less! Additionally, GFRC is a less expensive material than Fiberstone.

What is Fiberstone?
Fiberstone looks identical to GFRC and weighs even less. Weighing in at around 1/3 the weight of GFRC, our Fiberstone is a fraction of the weight of cement, concrete and stone. We combine glass fiber, industrial resins and other composites to create this unique material. Its high impact resistance makes it ideal for use in busy public areas and commercial settings.