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29in. Succulent and Echeveria in Oblong Wooden Planter

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A Tabletop Desert-scape

The popular indoor succulent plant just got a whole lot easier to care for thanks to this faux succulent garden planter. In this artificial arrangement you get an array of textures and levels that create a stunning focal point on your dining room, office, or foyer table. These tasteful succulent planters are sure to be a hit in your interior décor, offering a refreshing change from the classic floral arrangements. This tabletop display is reminiscent of a western desert-scape, showcasing these heat-loving succulent plants amid a scattering of natural pebbles. A rustic wooden oblong planter finishes out the look, giving you a decorative piece that is truly unique.

An Aloe and Echeveria Array

Our oblong wooden planter arrangement includes upright Aloe Vera and blossom-like Echeveria succulents. The combination of these two faux plants provides an attractive contrast of tall and short, spiky and round that makes it visually intriguing to behold. In a variety of sizes the Aloe plants feature dark and bright green hues while the Echeveria shows off plump, burgundy-toned petals. We've arranged these faux succulents just right to give you the most appealing focal point for your tabletop. These plants are crafted with such care that you would never know they're fake!

Choosing Artificial Succulent Planters

Succulent plants have long been a staple for the indoor decorative gardener. They come in such a wide variety of shapes and sizes that they are easily a decorator's dream. Though they are beloved for their ease of care, our artificial succulents take the low-maintenance approach a step further. With these fake succulents you won't need to give a second thought to plant maintenance. No watering, trimming or repotting ever. Faux succulent planters are great for homeowners who travel often, for commercial and office spaces where plant maintenance is frequently overlooked, and for indoor spaces that receive little to no natural sunlight.

13" x 29 "