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12in. Echeveria Living Succulent Wreath

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One [Succulent] Ring to Rule Them All
A true wonder of gardening expertise, the living succulent wreath is as unique as home accents get. Imagine having a living, growing floral display hanging right on your front door or gracing your dining room table! And you don't even need green thumbs to achieve this gorgeous planted decoration. At Hooks & Lattice, we create this lovely front door wreath just for you and ship it all ready to go. It only takes a minimal amount of maintenance to keep this living succulent wreath healthy and happy, beautifying your home for years. This artifully arranged ring of succulents can be displayed on its own or purchase multiples and create a unique wall covering.

Fresh Style, Made in Oregon
Our living succulent wreath is hand created by skilled floral artisans in our Oregon studio. Mounted on a substrate base, the wreath is made from live echeveria plants. An eye-catching breed of hardy succulent, echeveria grows in a beautiful multi-leafed rosette formation. Each little plant looks like a rose in full bloom. Echeveria thrive on little water and nutrients, so caring for this living door decor is a breeze. Baby plants grow off of the mother rosette, making this a wonder of decorative splendor that will grow and change as time goes by, lasting as long as- if not longer- than artificial or dried wreaths.

Succulents in Pretty Pastels Make Cool Gifts
Created in shades of pastel greens and purples, this wreath is a natural fit for any style of décor, giving a rustic and natural appeal to your space. If you're looking for a heart-felt and unique gift for that special somebody, this living wreath hits the spot. Especially for garden and nature lovers (and those decorative dynamos who are always on the look-out for the newest, freshest idea,) this eheveria wreath is packed with appeal. Show up with something more interesting than the standard and short-lived bouquet of flowers or potted plant at your next housewarming party, mother's day, graduation, or anniversary celebration.

12" diameter