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Find exactly what you need to spruce up your interior home décor with nature-inspired succulent planters and succulent living wreaths from our expansive, gorgeous selection. We have a wide variety of succulent species available in clusters within hanging frames or centerpiece boxes, and these displays are almost always made from the finest, handcrafted cedar. Succulents require minimum upkeep, as they can flourish and thrive in any environment - regardless of the weather outside or the atmosphere indoors. Some of our succulent planters include varying succulents, such as Elegans Blue, Adolphy, Red Hood, Aurora Blue, and Perle von Nurnberg - plus hundreds of others.

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Dark Cedar Cube Planters w/ Live Succulents
Rectangular Cedar Cube Planter with 5 Succulent Plants
Burlap Wrapped Planter Trio w/ Live Succulents
Round Driftwood Planter w/ Live Succulents
Oval Driftwood Planter w/ Live Succulents
Living Wall Planter with Succulents in Distressed Cedar Frame
Pre-Populated Living Wall Planter with Succulents in Redwood Frame
Living Wall Planter with Succulents in Picture Frame Box
Live Succulent in Birdhouse Container
Katalan Colorata Hanging Succulent Garden
Kantmere Hanging Succulent Garden
Knollbrook Set of 3 Hanging Succulent Garden
Wilshire Wall Art with Succulents

Behold the striking succulent. Living wreaths, frames and planters made up of favorites like Echeveria and Graptoveria delight the eye immediately. Browse through succulents online for wall, tabletop or shelf displays, imagining all the beautiful benefits as you go.

Using Nature's Paint Brush

Each of the succulent planters and living wreaths featured by Hooks and Lattice is a one of a kind design owing to the individual uniqueness of each plant. Of all the species out there, none are so vibrant and spectacular as succulents. The sheer variety of shape, color, and texture provides an exceptional toolkit for creative arranging. And even single succulent planters can have huge visual impact as tabletop accents in any room of the house.

Succulent Living Wreaths - Oh So Splendid

Looking for wall décor that never gets old? Succulent vertical gardens are endlessly surprising in their beauty. Like the fleshy leaves of Echeveria that always seem to catch the light in a new way. And the effect of different textures intermingling is like a painting come alive. No matter how many times you've seen it, the canvas always manages to reveal something new.

Living wreaths and framed arrangements also make lovely succulent plant gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and housewarmings. Great for any style of home or office, in both indoor and outdoor displays.

Succulent Planters for Happy Tabletops

Traditional houseplants, beware - succulents are ready to make a stylish invasion of any space. There's just something about the unusual, otherworldly silhouettes and surfaces. It contributes a design quality that is at once enigmatic and approachable. Not something your average tabletop plant can say!

On the flip side, living wreaths, frames and planters filled with succulents also find harmony with all types of plants. For the DIY interior designer who loves variety, mix it up with color and texture, just as you would out in the garden. Also, don't be afraid to carry a succulent theme through from inside to outside. We promise our succulents online won't completely steal the show - unless you want them to.