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Supreme Fiberglass Petite Window Boxes

The Supreme Petite is a narrow window box style for the gardener who wants fiberglass flower boxes of a slightly smaller size and lighter weight. Measurements are 1 1/2" narrower and 1 1/2" shorter than our Standard Supreme style, making these small window boxes ideal for narrow sills and ledges.

Fiberglass flower boxes from Hooks and Lattice are a carefree alternative to wooden planters. The material is rot-proof and never requires sanding, scraping or refinishing. Each Supreme Petite narrow window box design also comes with a 1/2" thick removable drainage pad and plugs that minimize stagnant water. Smart design and efficient drainage helps small window boxes to increase plant oxygenation and encourage bountiful growth.

The Supreme Petite Fiberglass Window Box includes stainless steel mounting brackets that are not visible once the window planter is affixed. Standard and custom lengths are available.

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24" Supreme Petite Fiberglass Window Box
36" Supreme Petite Fiberglass Window Box
48" Supreme Petite Fiberglass Window Box
Optional  Brackets (For Fiberglass Supreme Boxes Only)
Our customers asked for small window boxes with style, and the Supreme Petite Fiberglass Flower Boxes answers that call. This narrow window box design is ideal for quainter front porches and stoops with a limited overall width to accommodate protruding planters. By a simple decrease of 1 1/2" these relatively small window boxes open up a wealth of opportunity to enhance home architecture and beautify curb appeal.

This assortment of fiberglass flower boxes is similar in style to our Standard Supreme model with a reduction in overall size. To make this a narrow window box option for smaller scale projects or customers with a taste for quainter containers, we made the Supreme Petite Window Planter 7" deep front to back and 8 1/2" high. This measurement makes its overall size 1 1/2" smaller on both measurements than the Standard Supreme window box. Of course, due to its more modest size, the Supreme Petite also requires less potting soil and is lighter to hang.

Building on the smartness of these small window boxes, another plus is their virtual maintenance-free nature. Fiberglass flower boxes are an irresistible alternative to wooden planters, as they never rot, crack, split or warp. And in this pleasing design with molded edges, fiberglass takes on a charm similar to that of painted wood without the hassle of sanding, scraping and routine touch-ups. A win, win for smart gardeners. If basic white isn't what you prefer, simply coat window planters with any latex trim paint.

Each of the small fiberglass flower boxes pictured here comes with stainless steel mounting brackets that are invisible once the planter is mounted. Although brackets disappear from sight, they ensure a sturdy and lasting mount for window box planters affixed to walls and windowsills. These small window boxes also feature a 1/2" removable drainage pad and drainage plugs to prevent standing water from accumulating, thereby increasing plant oxygenation. These factors help to foster healthy container gardens that burst with lively growth and color.

The Supreme Petite Fiberglass Window Box is an outdoor rated product that will not leak, rot, crack or split. Standard sizes featured above are available for online order, and custom sizes may be created upon request via toll free phone call.