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Swivel Couplings- For 1/2" & 3/4" Conduit

Lights with swivel coupling are a cleverly flexible addition to any lighting design. Swivel couplings for 1/2" and 3/4" standard electrical conduit can increase the adjustability of any light fixture, and are particularly useful as gooseneck swivel coupling. Whether lighting signs and awnings with a standard exterior flood light, or creating decorative Gooseneck Lights with swivel coupling for storefront signage, a versatile swivel coupling light shade will improve awning and sign lighting performance.

Gooseneck swivel coupling is a natural complement to Sign Bracket Store's wide selection of incandescent, compact fluorescent and Metal Halide Gooseneck Lights. Swivel coupling light shade combinations make it easy to angle light anywhere, for optimal sign, display and accent lighting. While popular for practical commercial applications like sign lighting, our lights with swivel coupling are an asset to any project where a flexible direction of light is required.

For information on swivel couplings and Sign Bracket Store light fixtures, call 1-888-919-7446, 7am - 5pm PST, M-F.

1/2" Heavy Duty Rigid Swivel Coupling
3/4" Heavy Duty Rigid Swivel Coupling
For adjustable swivel light fixtures, Sign Bracket Store can affix swivel couplings to most any of our Goosenecks - turning a unidirectional light into a swivel gooseneck shade with multidirectional functionality. Lights with swivel coupling work wonders as display, spot and sign lighting and gooseneck swivel coupling is particularly useful as an added feature to an already popular lighting style.

A swivel coupling light shade has the benefit of versatility, pointing any which way a project requires. For this reason, many lighting designers and commercial project planners choose lights with swivel coupling where an innovative, changeable light trajectory is required. To create a swivel gooseneck shade, we begin with a 1/2" or 3/4" standard electrical conduit and affix swivel couplings at junctions between a gooseneck arm and shade. This turns a stationary lampshade into an adjustable swivel light with brilliant flexibility.

Gooseneck swivel coupling provides yet another Sign Bracket Store perk to a timeless favorite. While Goosenecks are highly preferred as commercial sign and display lights, their typical downward trajectory can be limiting. A swivel coupling light shade solves this problem by allowing end users to manipulate the photometric profile and light direction of each fixture. To the side, at angles and aligning a range of different lighting surfaces, a swivel coupling opens up a whole new world of opportunities for creative lighting solutions.

Whether lighting signage, exterior awnings, or an interior display, Gooseneck Lights with swivel coupling make for a practical, attractive solution. As a part of our custom ordering availability, Sign Bracket Store offers the option to add swivel coupling to many lights featured in all sections of our website. For more details a knowledgeable project manager can assist you over the phone - just another distinctive feature that makes us one of the leading online sources for customized Gooseneck Lighting.

To turn regular Goosenecks into innovative, adaptable Gooseneck Lights with swivel coupling, please contact one of our experienced lighting representatives toll free for price quoting and order information: 1-888-919-7446, 7am - 5pm PST, M-F.