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Contemporary Tabletop Terrariums

A glass plant terrarium provides an enclosure for a living landscape in a very small space. A tabletop terrarium is a contemporary way to incorporate living plants into home design, whether placing glass terrarium containers atop outdoor patio furniture or as a centerpiece at your dining room table. Doing it yourself is simple, just choose a tabletop terrarium in the desired size and style and then fill with soil, pebbles, rocks, twigs and moss or combinations thereof.

Glass terrarium containers are generally suited to accommodate plants with shallow roots. Depending on the type of planting materials utilized, a glass plant terrarium can easily be turned into a miniature ecosystem that imitates a desert or swamp type terrain. Succulents are a natural for terrarium life and prove a favorite because of their low maintenance nature and vibrant colors. If planting a tabletop terrarium for the first time a variety of kits are available that contain materials to get started. As a general rule, rocks should be placed at the bottom for drainage.

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7" Slanted Bias Terrarium Bowl with Moss
9" Slanted Bias Terrarium Bowl
4.5" Small Terrarium Bubble Bowl
7.5" Medium Terrarium Bubble Bowl with Moss
10" Large Terrarium Bubble Bowl
9" Crosswinds Terrarium Vase
12" Crosswinds Terrarium Vase
Hammered Hurricane Terrarium - Small
Hammered Hurricane Terrarium - Large
Scoop Terrarium - Rainbow Flowers
Medium Smushed Terrarium - Red, Pink, & White Flowers
Large Bowl Terrarium - Rainbow Flowers
Tabletop terrarium designs are popping up more and more in contemporary interior design. For starters, glass terrarium containers such as the ones featured above are lovely on their own. Add a lively miniature landscape to an already stunning glass plant terrarium, and you have a natural accent to home decor that will liven up any tabletop you choose.

Glass terrarium containers are really a home for a small, contained ecosystem of your choosing. Many who plant interior tabletop terrarium jars choose plants that have shallow root structures, as those requiring a lot of room to spread out are ill suited to terrarium life. Succulents and some forms of cactus are a highly popular choice for an open glass plant terrarium and they can thrive in a small area with moderate moisture levels.

A glass plant terrarium brings a little bit of nature into your home, and a contemporary tabletop terrarium is truly a conversation piece. While most people choose to stick with plants, other DIY terrarium builders like to add in other components such as a faux bird's nest, or holiday themed figurines. During the holiday season, a tabletop terrarium can be transformed into a bright and festive decoration by filling with a combination of garlands, small ornaments and poinsettia petals. Glass terrarium containers can also double as candle holders or interesting candy jars in cases where the opening is large enough for a hand to reach inside.

The tabletop terrarium designs available online at Hooks & Lattice include variations of two styles: a bubble and a slanted bowl on a pedestal. Glass terrarium containers come in different sizes so you can use smaller terrariums that fit in amongst other tabletop pieces or larger terrariums that become the center of attention. An Apple Shaped Glass Plant Terrarium with a removable top lid is also featured.

Each product in this contemporary tabletop terrarium category is available to purchase online and is shipped with care upon order. For first time terrarium growers a good general rule is to begin with rocks at the bottom or use another system to ensure appropriate drainage. Terrarium kits are available for purchase at many gardening centers.